· August, 2008

Stories about Indigenous from August, 2008

Peru: Views Towards the Indigenous Protests

  30 August 2008

The protests by indigenous groups in Northern Peru are not always understood in other parts of the country. Some bloggers examine attitudes and views by others, who often look down upon the indigenous groups saying that they are protesting for the wrong reasons or incapable of organizing themselves.

Venezuela: Yukpa Indians, Chávez and land disputes

  28 August 2008

Citizen media videos have been uploaded informing of the situation arising in Venezuela between the Yukpa Indians of the Perijá Mountains, landowners and President Chávez. This dispute over land limits is 30 years in the making, when military forces displaced the Indigenous communities of the Yukpa by force and established landowners who have cattle ranches and have been working the lands ever since.

Brazil: The rice war on indigenous land

  27 August 2008

Brazil's Supreme Court decides today about the future of Raposa Serra do Sol's Indigenous land. Observatório da Imprensa [Press Observatory, pt] have published two texts about the media coverage of the subject. One of them is called The Rice War [pt]: “The press still own us an approach that will...

Peru: Government Attempts to Halt Protests in the North

  22 August 2008

The news media has started to provide more coverage of the protests taking place in Northern Peru. The newspaper La República writes that the commission headed up by Environmental Minister Antonio Brack did not accomplish much. More and more indigenous groups are joining the cause and guarding important state petroleum...

Guyana: Embracing Your Heritage

  20 August 2008

Guyana Providence Stadium visits The Guyana Heritage Museum, calling it “one of my most enjoyable experience every time I visit the homeland.”

Barbados: Crop-Over Culture

  20 August 2008

Although the recent Crop Over celebrations were well attended, Barbados Underground thinks that should not be the only criterion for measuring success: “Cultural development and expression are important to the well being of any nation. While the fete element in Crop Over seems to be flourishing, we are concerned that...

India: Chengara land struggle

  19 August 2008

Sudeep's Diary analyzes the ongoing struggle for land in Chengara, Pathnamtitta district, Kerala by landless Dalits and Adviasis (indigenous people) and informs that “women are being abducted and raped, and men kidnapped in an attempt to kill the struggle”.

Peru: Amazonian Indigenous Groups Protest New Governmental Decrees

  15 August 2008

The Aguaruna indigenous group in the Peruvian Amazon is protesting several governmental decrees that some say would make it easier for the government and oil companies to have access to their lands. By occupying a petroleum station, this group has attracted the support of other indigenous groups in the region and they draw attention to the effects caused by the oil companies.

Trinidad & Tobago: Fruit Fiesta

  15 August 2008

Trinidadian blogger Lifespan of a Chennette turns the spotlight on some indigenous Caribbean fruit: “You never know when you might need this kind of information.”

Jamaica: Shifting Sands

  14 August 2008

Guest Blogging at Abeng News Magazine, Long Bench discusses the matter of the sand heist at a beach in Coral Spring, which is earmarked for private development: “It is…our civic, ethical and moral duty to ensure that our institutions are responsive to our collective needs…I do not now, nor will...

Japan: Ainu recognized as indigenous people

  12 August 2008

On June 6, a couple of months prior to the International Day of the World's Indigenous People, the Japanese Diet passed a resolution to officially recognize the Ainu as an indigenous people. Immediately following the passage of the resolution, a government panel held its first meeting to start working on...

Jamaica, Trinidad: On the “Doubles”

  12 August 2008

“If a visitor's stomach can handle pepper and curry first thing in the morning, then this is a nice surprise for the palate, and a great way to start the day”: Jamaican Francis Wade posts video of a Trinidadian Doubles vendor.

Guatemala: Indigenous Expressions of Art

  11 August 2008

On International Day of the World's Indigenous People, there is a celebration of indigenous peoples and how they express themsevles through the visual arts, theater and clothing. These are only some of the examples of artistic creative expressions in Guatemala.

Bloggers react strongly to ‘Building a Better Fiji’

  11 August 2008

A government-appointed committee in Fiji introduced an 11-point framework to augment the Pacific island nation’s constitution and “rebuild Fiji into a non­racial, culturally vibrant and united, well­-governed, truly democratic nation.”

Guyana, Barbados: New Species Found

  4 August 2008

New rain forest species have been discovered in Guyana – Living Guyana links to the story, while Barbados Free Press makes tongue-in-cheek parallels between the world's smallest snake (which has been discovered in Barbados) and the country's politicians. Living in Barbados adds: “I'm very happy to play my part in...