· May, 2009

Stories about Indigenous from May, 2009

Guadeloupe: In May 2009, keep May 1802 and May 1967 in mind

  28 May 2009

2009 will definitely be a "new" year in Guadeloupe - at least judging from a pun that people used as their New Year's wish, since in Creole "new" is pronounced "nef" and "nine" is also pronounced "nef". The first social movements in December 2008 foreshadowed the massive mobilization which took place from January until March 2009, which resulted in 45 days of an all-out strike on the island. Although an agreement was signed, the situation still has not been properly settled - and May, traditionally a month of protest in the French and Guadeloupean social history, is particularly hot this year.

Ukraine: Russian Ads; PM's Hairdo; Crimea

Russian ads in Ukraine; Yulia Tymoshenko's hairdo; labor minister's text message interaction with her daughter regarding a government job offer for her father; the Crimean Tatars’ situation and the mess in the Crimean capital's city council – at Ukrainiana.

Ecuador: The Legacy of Indigenous Leader Mama Tránsito

  19 May 2009

Many Ecuadorians are mourning the passing of one of its indigenous leaders, Rosa Elena Tránsito Amaguaña, better known as "Mama Tránsito." Her role in society as an activist and defender of indigenous rights has made her an inspiration for her perserveance and courage.

Ukraine: 65th Anniversary of the Crimean Tatar Deportations

May 18 marked the 65th anniversary of Sürgün, the 1944 deportations of Crimean Tatars from their homeland in Crimea. J. Otto Pohl writes about the history of the deportations, while Maria Sonevytsky describes the current plight and the attitudes of the Crimean Tatars who have returned to live in Ukraine, and shares her thoughts on the changes that need to take place for the situation to improve.

Dominica, Cuba: Bird Festival

  15 May 2009

“I just discovered—to my absolute delight—that the VII Festival of Caribbean Endemic Birds is being celebrated throughout the region”: Repeating Islands provides details.

Paraguay: Mala Visión in Guaraní Mythology

  12 May 2009

Mala Visión is a nocturnal spirit that lives in the forest and is part of the Guaraní mythology in Paraguay. Al Paraguay [es] tells about the beliefs held by his wife's family and her uncle's experience with the spirit.

Barbados: More on CLICO

  11 May 2009

“The expected deal between CLICO Holdings Barbados Limited and Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited seems to have gone off the boil”: Barbados Underground and Barbados Free Press closely follow the latest developments with the failed regional conglomerate.

Ecuador: Lawsuit Against Oil Company for Environmental Damage

  11 May 2009

Communities in the Ecuadorian Orient are suing the multinational company Texaco, and its parent company Chevron for environmental damages and resulting health problems in their residents. However, the company claims that it has already paid for the pollution, and that the government is trying to dip its hands into their "deep pockets." It is also accused of applying pressure to the judge for a favorable decision. As a result, it has started a public relations campaign to show its side to the story.

Peru: Indigenous Communities Continue Protests

  7 May 2009

For quite some time, the indigenous communities in the Peruvian Amazon have been mobilized due to attempts by the current government to infringe upon the rights to their ancestral lands. These lands are thought to be good for mining and oil exploration, and some say that is where the real intentions lie. Recently these protests have restarted throughout different parts of the Amazon region.

Fiji: Pacific Islands Forum membership had its privileges

  4 May 2009

Since Fiji's government refused to schedule elections, the country has been suspended from the Pacific Islands Forum. Fiji’s suspension marks the first time in its nearly four-decade history the Pacific Islands Forum has taken this step against a country.

Trinidad & Tobago: Exclusive Summit

  1 May 2009

The Voice of the Taino People Online says that a delegation of indigenous leaders that attended the Fifth Summit of the Americas was disappointed at their reception: “While Trinidad’s Prime Minister Patrick Manning publicly declared his desire for the Summit to achieve prosperity for the peoples of the Americas with...