· December, 2006

Stories about Indigenous from December, 2006

Venezuela: Preserving Indigenous Languages

  21 December 2006

As many as thirty-four indigenous languages are spoken in Venezuela and a special committee of the country's National Assembly is drafting a law designed at preserving them. The Latin Americanist also reports that there are plans to have indigenous representation on the Assembly.

Trinidad & Tobago: Parang in Paramin

  20 December 2006

Christmas in Trinidad and Tobago is Parang season (from the Spanish Parranda, meaning “the action of merry making” or “group of serenaders”): The Trinidad and Tobago News Blog posts video and pictures from this year's Paramin Parang Festival.

Speak Quechua: Interview with Noemí Vizcardo

  15 December 2006

Noemí Vizcardo is no stranger to Global Voices. Her blog Habla Quechua – focused on helping Spanish speakers learn Quechua – is one of the few, perhaps the only, penned in Latin America's most-spoken indigenous language. She is a lawyer, translator, and professor of agrarian law. Peruvian contributor Juan Arellano...

Russia: Caucasus Hatreds, and Peace

  13 December 2006

The First Chechen War began twelve years ago, in December 1994; the Second Chechen War followed five years later. Still, Chechnya remains part of the Russian Federation. Timur Aliev – LJ user timur_aliev, a native of Grozny, an ethnic Chechen, a journalist, editor-in-chief of The Chechen Society newspaper, the Chechnya...

Malaysia: Aboriginal Rights

  11 December 2006

The recent ruling party UMNO's convention in Malaysia made a lot of noise about Malay rights in a multi-cultural Malaysia. Some Malay leaders feel that the rights of the Malay community are under attack in Malaysia. The Malaysian writes that UMNO seems to have forgotten about the rights of the...

Bolivia: Land Redistribution

  4 December 2006

On Tuesday night, writes Nick Buxton, “the Bolivian Government completely unexpectedly passed an amended land reform bill that aims to redistribute up to a fifth of the country, land that it designates as ‘unproductive’ land in the hand of a small minority of rich landholders. It passed the law, the...