· June, 2007

Stories about Indigenous from June, 2007

Peru: Celebrating June 24 – San Juan and Inti Raymi

  24 June 2007

June 24 is a very special date in many parts of the world, because in addition to being the longest day of the year, it coincides with the summer solstice (which is why it is the longest day of the year). From the wikipedia entry on the solstice: A solstice...

Malaysia: Trying the Fruit

  20 June 2007

“I picked up a piece and put it to my mouth, mildy surprised that the smell didn't put me off in the least. It was buttery, like the ripest, oiliest avocado mashed to the smoothest paste. I tasted a hint of butterscotch, a smidge of avocado, lots of sweetness, and...

Kuwait: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This week's Kuwaiti blog posts swing from good to bad .. sometimes just plain ugly, writes Abdullatif AlOmar. In good news, read how Filipinos in the Emirate celebrated their country's national day; in the bad see how Kuwaiti women are now banned from working after 8pm and in the ugly news, check out the horrible destiny of a police dog.

Libya: Wedding Bells

Libyan blogger Khadija Teri attended a wedding and gives us a sneak preview of what was on offer here. “I survived the wedding.. it was actually kind of nice because my friend asked that the music not be so loud and for the most part you could actually have a...

Singapore: Kampong Barber Memories

  9 June 2007

Lam Chun Chew remembers their kampong barber Mr. Low from his childhood days “He had another skill that enabled him to clear sand or small particles which got in his customer’s eyes by accidents. I saw him on one occasion lift a guy’s eye-lit, picking out a sand particle using...

Ukraine: Rusyns

Dykun returns to blogging with a post on the plight of Ukraine's Rusyns, who were recently recognized as an indigenous nationality of the Transcarpathian region.

Bahrain: An Expat Minister of Labour?

With Bahrain sizzling at 44 degrees Celsius, bloggers are in action discussing everything from the weather, to who to blame for power cuts. In a post with a natural flow, Ayesha Saldanha brings us this week's review of Bahraini blogs which also discuss our "daily inanimate partners", Bedouin lifestyles, development, Bahrain's relationship with the sea and labour affairs.