· May, 2007

Stories about Indigenous from May, 2007

Peru: Interview with Archaeologist Guillermo Cock

  31 May 2007

C.J. Schexnayder of Kleph's blog recently sat down with famed Peruvian archaeologist Guillermo Cock, who led the effort to unearth thousands of mummies and tens of thousands of artifacts in a area of land near Lima that was destined for urban development. Among the topics discussed with Cock were the...

Thailand: Stereotyping Foreigners

  30 May 2007

The Siam Sentinel looks at the Thai habit of stereotyping foreigners. “It's not always the case but many Thais are still going by long believed stereotypes about how the Chinese, Indians, and farang are all cheats and out to steal something from the Thai people.”

Papua New Guinea: Elections

  28 May 2007

Islandbaby describes the dynamics of voting in Papua New Guinea. “So the result is that people, as extensions of familial and tribal groups, vote in context rather than on perspective and what comes out are unrealistic expectations which appear to have very little to do with the job of political...

Philippines: Local Campaigning

  28 May 2007

Mong Palatino, a candidate in the recent elections (and GlobalVoices contributor) in the Philippines gives us a glimpse into how campaigning is carried out at a local level. “I was not just a candidate for three months. I was also a blogger who became more fascinated in the particular ways...

Brunei: Kaya Jam

  28 May 2007

Sing Yin prepares the local breakfast accompaniment kaya and shares the recipe and preparation on her blog.

Israel: Myths About the Asian Community

  25 May 2007

Israeli blogger Fily discusses myths about the Asian community in Israel. “Why, I wonder, don’t the Asian students mingle with the locals? Why is it that the Israelis obsessed with Asia don’t make the effort to try to meet the Asian students? You see, I know that some of my...

Indonesia: Saying Thanks in Indonesia

  23 May 2007

Sarapan Ekonomi starts of a debate on his blog by posting findings of a linguistics expert. The expert says that some Indonesians do not thank people whom they consider to be from a lower social group.

Mali: revisiting traditional medicine

  21 May 2007

Timbuktu Chronicles: Revisiting traditional medicine; “In the capital Bamako there is a laboratory where researchers spend their working days studying the medicinal effects of plants brought in from around the country – selected on the advice of traditional healers. The laboratory has been established by the Malian government which is...

Arabeyes: The Middle East in Pictures

Today's Middle East in Pictures tour takes us to Dubai's lovely beaches, Doha at night, a picture of a flower in Bahrain, the blooming flower gardens of Syria this spring and finally on a Viagra buying spree in the bazaars of Fez, in Morocco.

Brazil: Possible Justice for Dorothy Strang

  18 May 2007

Randy Paul of Beautiful Horizons writes about the upcoming trial of a man accused of the murder of Dorothy Strang, a US-born nun that lived in Brazil helping native groups. However, he writes that “there is a slight undercurrent of despair mixed in with this from my perspective,” and “I...

Yemen: From Camels to Toyotas

Yemeni blogger Omar Barsawad notes how Toyota and Isuzu trucks came to replace camels and donkeys as Yemen's preferred “wheels of choice.” ‘Many times, I have asked people around – “why the old Isuzus?” The answers vary, but means the same: through experience, they say, the old Isuzus serve them...

Outrage as Zimbabwe assumes helm of key global organization

  14 May 2007

As if all the troubles bedeviling Zimbabweans were not enough, Zimbabweans were aghast last week as it emerged their beleaguered nation is going to lead the UN Commission on Sustainable Development in yet another cruel twist in the nightmare that is Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe's ascendancy occurred in spite of the fact that it is the nation with both the fastest shrinking economy and one of the highest inflation rates in the world.

Kuwait: Dangerous Drivers

“Every day when you get in behind the steering wheel in your car, you risk your life! I have never in my WHOLE ENTIRE life seen anything as bad as the driving in Kuwait!! I have discussed this issue over and over and over again, yet I cannot find out...

Egypt: Ahmadinejad Busted

Egyptian blogger Zeinobia posts photographs featuring Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad kissing the hand of his former school teacher. “A 70-year-something old lady wearing black from top to down except the head scarf. Najidi kissed her hand and she kissed his head. Seriously it is a very respectable civilized act from...

Peru: Culture and Gender in Advertising

  4 May 2007

Luna Antagonica [ES] writes about her anthropological study that looks at gender and cultural identity issues in advertising in Peru. A related protest will also take place in front a department store to “show that in Peru that one cannot only associate images of beauty, success or prestige only with...

Guyana: Indigenous Communities Claims Against Swiss Bank

  4 May 2007

The CAC Review reports that indigenous Guyanese communities are among those being represented in an international claim against a Swiss bank for “compensation for its links with a Malaysian timber company…that has poisoned waters and polluted communities.”

Kuwait: Magic Spells on Display

A Kuwaiti blogger got more than she bargained for during a visit to a jewellery exhibition. “Anyway the hottest “exhibit” for me was at the entrance (or exit?) where the JAMARIK or customs or whatever they’re called are showing busted illegal items such as pirated DVD’s and ummmm….BLACK MAGIC SPELLS?...