· December, 2007

Stories about Indigenous from December, 2007

Puerto Rico: Kayak Trip

  30 December 2007

The CAC Review interviews Taino Almestica, part of a two-person team that circumnavigated the island of Puerto Rico in a kayak.

Caribbean: Christmas Traditions

  23 December 2007

All over the world, people get together with friends and family to celebrate Christmas. They exchange gifts, and invite one another to their homes for parties, lunches or dinners, signifying the trademark Christmas message of peace and goodwill. Karel McIntosh speaks to a few regional bloggers to get a glimpse into what Christmas traditions are like in the Caribbean...

D.R. of Congo: The Batwa people

  23 December 2007

AfricaBeat on the Batwa from the Democratic Republic of Congo: “The Batwa people were traditionally hunter-gatherers. In Eastern Congo, they lived off what the forest provided, until prolonged warfare and the creation of national parks ended their way of life.”

Arabeyes: Celebrating Eid Al Adha

  20 December 2007

Muslims around the world are celebrating Eid Al Adha - which commemorates Ibrahim's (Abraham's) willingness to sacrifice his son Ismael for Allah (God). It also culminates the Hajj, an annual pilgrimage to Mecca, which has this year attracted more than 2 million people. Here's how bloggers from the region marked the occasion.

Bolivia: Two Regions, Two Documents

  19 December 2007

December 15 marked a pivotal day in Bolivia, when two regions celebrated their newly created documents. In La Paz, members of the ruling party formally presented a controversial Constitution. On the other side of the country, in midst of hunger strikes, members of a provisional assembly in Santa Cruz approved an autonomic statute that sits in opposition. Bloggers participated in both celebrations and also hope that there is still an opportunity for the country to close this divide.

Jamaica: In-Your-Face Culture

  18 December 2007

Francis Wade says that Jamaican culture comes at people “like a truck barreling down on them on a highway that is impossible to avoid.”

Panama: The Kuna Indigenous Group and the Use of Technology

  17 December 2007

The Kuna indigenous group in Panama have had very little access to internet and other technologies. Gilberto Alemancia, is of Kuna ethnicity, and is a well-experienced photographer and a tourism guide. On some excursions, he has conducted digital photography workshops to children in remote regions of the country. Melissa De León had the opportunity to interview Alemancia about his passion.

Chile: BiblioRedes, From Visviri to Puerto Williams

  13 December 2007

BiblioRedes is a program from the government of Chile, which provides free computer and internet access to 387 public libraries across the country. This access especially allows Chileans in underrepresented areas to learn how to use the computer and the internet. One feature of this training is the ability to create their own website. The most interesting of this content can be found on the project's blog Contenidos Locales (Local Content).

Bahamas: Junkanoo Controversy

  13 December 2007

If art is made and no one sees it, does it really exist? Larry Smith at Bahama Pundit blogs about what the calls the “absurd controversy over the recent attempt to charge the press a fee to cover Junkanoo.”

Ecuador: Community Radio Station of Guamote

  10 December 2007

La Voz de Guamote [es] is a community blog site that is maintained by the Kichwa indigenous group of Ecuador. The site also highlights the work of the local radio station in the community of Guamote and surrounding areas.

Belize: Quash

  10 December 2007

Belize-y Livin’ discovers “a Belizean raccoon, commonly known as a quash“.

Interview with Cristina Quisbert of Voces Bolivianas

  7 December 2007

Voces Bolivianas, a citizen media outreach project supported by Rising Voices, has trained 23 participants how to blog, post digital photos, and even shoot video. One of the most consistent and clearest voices to emerge from the group has been Cristina Quisbert of Bolivia Indígena. In this interview she describes what motivates her to share stories of her life and community online and how the content of her blog has evolved over the first few months.