· June, 2006

Stories about Indigenous from June, 2006

Aruba: Dia di San Juan

  26 June 2006

Roosters are no longer harmed when Aruba observes Dia di San Juan, notes ArubaGirl, who appreciates the fact that the festival “celebrates how two cultures merged and produced something new.”

“Pirates of the Caribbean” protest

  23 June 2006

Amerindian issues blog The CAC Review publishes a press release announcing that the Garifuna American Heritage Foundation United will be holding a protest against the World Premiere of Disney film “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” on Saturday 24 June in Anaheim, California.

Peru: Microsoft Office in Quechua

  22 June 2006

Peruvian blogger Pierina, who blogs at Markefilm (ES) has published her first article in the newspaper El Comercio, which describes Microsoft's upcoming support of Quechua (ES) in the next edition of Office.

Caribbean: New Amerinidian articles

  20 June 2006

At the Amerinidian issues blog The CAC Review, Maximilian C. Forte announces the publication of six new articles in KACIKE: The Journal of Caribbean Amerindian History and Anthropology.

Panama: Photos from San Blas

  19 June 2006

Melissa de Leon has posted photos of the Kuna people from the autonomous Panamanian region of Kuna Yala (wikipedia), more commonly referred to as San Blas.

Caribbean: Boycott Pirates of the Caribbean

  19 June 2006

Indigenous issues blog The CAC Review calls for a boycott of the Disney film Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, in a post which also recounts some of the controversy surrounding the filming of parts of the movie on location in Dominica. The post also includes a link to...

The Kannada Context: Hear the nature of voices

  8 June 2006

The amplification of small sound bytes effects a joyful reverberation in a large room. I got a few mails/comments for my last post, The Kannada Context: Exclusive Identity and Other Stories. I also got to know interesting people. It is nice to see the feedback from a small, yet vibrant,...