· July, 2006

Stories about Indigenous from July, 2006

Old dating practice

  31 July 2006

Cigay of Bhutan Weblog writes about an age old tradition of Bhutan. Young men used to visit a girl's house discreetly at night, to let her know of his feelings and his intention to marry her and have children with her. With the passage of time, this rural practice has been misunderstood and grossly abused by those who are richer or more powerful.

Ukraine: Hutsul Wedding Video

Stefan of Dykun offers his readers a break from Ukrainian politics: an annotated video of a Hutsul wedding. “The wedding was that of a cousin of a friend, Anna. Much of Anna's heritage is Hutsul. Hutsuls and their descedents have lived in their part of the Carpathians for some 500-600...

French DOM-TOM Bloggers on Zidane's “Coup de Tete”

  14 July 2006

Bloggers from the French Overseas Departments and Territories of the Caribbean and Oceania had much to say about the French soccer team's performance at the World Cup Final. The French from “l'outre-mer” simply had no choice but to strongly identify with the potential glory and the shame of a team...

Trinidad & Tobago: Amerindian Soca Warriors

  12 July 2006

Referring to the seemingly Native American-style costumes worn by fans of the Soca Warriors, Trinidad and Tobago's football team, Maximilian C. Forte provides evidence to support his claim that the costume tradition also has Amerindian roots.

New Caledonia: Collecting Clothing for Local Tribe

  7 July 2006

Sebastien from 5 Minutes en Nouvelle Caledonie is (fr) officially collecting clothing for the local Koulnoue tribe at the request of one of its members. Interested potential donors should email him at sebastienmerion@yahoo.fr. He posts pictures of members of the tribe and promises to post regular updates of the tribe's...

Afghanistan: Open Letter to Expatriates

  6 July 2006

Sanjar has an open letter to expatriates living in Afghanistan, coining the phrase “expatlordism” to describe what he calls a new type of oligarchy that marks the post-Taliban period in the country.

Fiji: National Flower

  1 July 2006

The pacific islander blog has a post on the local legend about the origin of Tagimoucia flower, the national flower of Fiji.