· February, 2008

Stories about Indigenous from February, 2008

Jamaica: This and That

  28 February 2008

Jamaica and the World puts in her two cents’ worth on everything from a Minister being charged with fraud to the island's roller-coaster crime rate.

Taiwan: No City for Old Aborigines

  27 February 2008

The first Presidential debate powered by citizen media platform Peopo was held on Feb 24. Two candidates running for President answers 20 questions raised by citizens who use Youtube-like video clips to express their wishes and problems.

Jamaica, Haiti: Haitian Creole

  22 February 2008

“I learned many things from Felix Morisseau-Leroy and one of the most important was his commitment to the Haitian Creole language”: Geoffrey Philp posts one of the writer's poems.

Trinidad & Tobago: Cultural Preservation

  21 February 2008

“Even as we fret about the loss of our historic architecture, we are losing the architects of our history”: Blogging from Trinidad & Tobago, The Liming House writes about the importance of preserving “our collective memory.”

Japan: Reactions to alleged Okinawa rape

  17 February 2008

The news last week that a U.S. Marine had allegedly raped a 14-year-old schoolgirl in Okinawa sparked various degrees of condemnation from local citizens, politicians, the government and bloggers, reigniting anger at the continued presence of American military bases in Japan's southernmost prefecture. In blogs and internet forums, however, many Japanese also criticized the alleged victim herself for being careless and "allowing" the rape to happen.

Trinidad & Tobago: Saving “Gingerbread House”

  15 February 2008

“There are so many things to be anxious or angry about in this country these days–crime, corruption, smelters, steel mills, dolphin-slaughter, traffic–that the fate of an old house may seem trivial,” writes Trinidadian blogger Nicholas Laughlin. “But,” he explains, “12 Queen's Park West, the Boissiere House, is not just an...

Trinidad & Tobago: Canboulay

  15 February 2008

Caribbean Beat Blog gives an account of Canboulay – “one of the foundational elements of Trinidad's modern carnival” – and is amazed to discover that “over 100 years later, with a culture that is ever-changing, it is indeed true that the more things change the more they remain the same.”

Ecuador: Indigenous Justice in the New Constitution

  15 February 2008

La Voz de Guamote [es] comments that “Indigenous Justice” will be included in the new Ecuadorian Constitution according to one of the delegates. and that this form of justice goes beyond what is normally presented and misunderstood in the media.

Guyana: Carifesta Comes Home

  12 February 2008

The Voice of the Taino People Online reports that this year's Carifesta celebration – “the region’s roving, multidisciplinary, mega arts festival will return to its birthplace – Guyana.”

El Salvador: Funes Seeking Support of Indigenous Communities

  8 February 2008

The presidential candidate for the FMLN, Mauricio Funes, is seeking the support of the indigenous communities in El Salvador. Mundo Farabundista [es] writes that Funes recently visited the town of Izalco, which has been considered a strong supporter of the rival ARENA party.

Bolivia: The Festival of Alasitas

  1 February 2008

The festival of Alasitas features a diminuative and jolly character called Ekeko, who is said to bring abundance and prosperity. This event is based in the city of La Paz, but it's popularity has spread to other cities like El Alto. There, some new bloggers write about this custom, and how important it is to maintain these traditions from generation to generation.