· May, 2006

Stories about Indigenous from May, 2006

What do Bloggers say about Rural India?

  28 May 2006

While reading different blogs, I have often read that in India blogging reflects a very middle class mindset. So, I thought even if it is true what do Indian blogs say about the issues that are not typically middle class or about urban India. Dilip at Death Ends Fun in...

Bahamas: Consultation & Arawak names

  24 May 2006

“The old colonial idea advocated by one resident that the government can just hand things down from on high is no longer acceptable in the Bahamas,” says Sir Arthur Foulkes in his appeal for the development of a “culture of consultation” in the Bahamas. In the same post Sir Arthur...

Mexico: Violence and Backlash in San Salvador Atenco

  18 May 2006

This much we know for sure. On May third and fourth, in the Mexican town of San Salvador Atenco, riots broke out which resulted in 200 arrests and 50 injured officers according to an official statement. We also know that a 14-year-old youth named Javier Cortés Santiago was killed in...

Peru: End of 2,000 Years of Tradition

  16 May 2006

Don Ball Carbaja is back blogging, this time with a photo of Peruvian fishermen from the coastal town of Huanchaco where an anthropology student from Utah spent time writing an ethnography, which describes the fishing villages dying culture.

Lao: Laotian Food

  12 May 2006

Lao ocean girl links to couple of blogs that host recipes and videos to help you prepare Laotian dishes.

Armenia: Yezidi Funeral

Onnik Krikorian attended a Yezidi funeral and has photos from it as well as an interview about Yezidi music's role in the culture and its relation to Muslim Kurdish music.