· February, 2007

Stories about Indigenous from February, 2007

Arabisc: A Pictorial Tour of North Africa

  28 February 2007

There is one word to describe this picture taken by American blogger Cory Driver, who is based in Morocco, and it is wow! Not being a photography critic, however, I am reserving my exclamation for the amazing work Driver is involved with in Moroccan villages, including that of Tattiwin, located...

Mexico: Cucapá People Denied Fishing Permits

  24 February 2007

Campamento Cucapá has published a new video documentary with English subtitles that “tells the story the Cucapá, an Indigenous people of Mexicali, who have been denied fishing permits, even though they have been fishing in their valley for over 9,000 years.”

Rigoberta Menchu as Candidate?

  21 February 2007

Rigoberta Menchu 1992 Nobel Laureate by “ladyloneranger“ In the early 20th century, the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo quit wearing her Western clothes to adopt a more indigenous appearance, showing her heritage with pride, not in the genetic sense, since she was not indigenous at all, but with the pride of...

Iran Flooding Archaeological Sites

  19 February 2007

Ancient archaeological sites dating back to the pre-Islamic invasion era are about to be flooded in Iran, writes Lebanese blogger Publius Pundit. The writer urges readers to sign an important decision to halt the destruction.

Arabisc: Pictorial Tour of the Middle East

  19 February 2007

Fed up of all the politics in the Middle East? Me too. This week we will take a pictorial tour of the region, making stops in Qatar, Bahrain, Tunisia and Lebanon, to name a few. There are real amazing photographers out there and the scenery and mood quickly changes from...

Touring Libyan Blogs

  19 February 2007

Equality among sexes in Libya? Yes, because now you have to pay attention to Libyan female pickpockets! This is what Khadijateri discovered yesterday when she went into a shop to buy some clothes. But Khadijateri was lucky indeed as she realized what was happening and used common sense. “Now, I...

Russia: Nationalism

  8 February 2007

Fascists, nationalists, patriots, extremists: in Russia today, these labels seem to be used somewhat indiscriminately. Chess champion and opposition politician Garry Kasparov calls Vladimir Putin's regime fascist – and the pro-Kremlin youth group Nashi reciprocates by accusing the British ambassador in Russia of backing fascists (aka the opposition). The Movement...

China: A far out tribe

  7 February 2007

A lot can be said of the recent phenomenon in China of outdoor enthusiasts finding each other through forum-type websites, only meeting in person during the regularly-scheduled camping or hiking trips many of which bring out hundreds of their members, and where this movement overlaps with China's blogging movement. For...