· July, 2007

Stories about Indigenous from July, 2007

Kuwait: Pictures, Sights and Events

Kuwaiti bloggers are leaping into action, discovering their surroundings, attending events and covering them, keeping tabs on the latest developments on the arrest of the Monster of Hawali and looking for racial slurs on the shelves of supermarkets. Read this post by Abdullatif Al Omar to see what else is happening.

Kuwait: Despite the Summer, it's Never Quiet in Here!

Despite the heat, Kuwaitis are braving the weather and making the most of outdoor activities. While some are enjoying boating and Flugtag games, one Kuwaiti blogger got more than she bargained for when she ventured out to sea without her sun block. Read Abdullatif Al Omar's report of this week's Kuwait round up to learn more.

Nigeria: New Yam Festival

  13 July 2007

Ugo Daniels informs us about the New Yam Festival: “It’s getting nearer to that time of the year when every Igbo person gathers to celebrate the Iwa ji afo (New Yam Festival). For those who may want to know, Yam is the main agricultural crop of the Igbos and also...

Peru: Bloggers Celebrate Machu Picchu's Selection as a Wonder of the World

  13 July 2007

The much delayed selection of the “new seven wonders of the world” has finally ended; Machu Picchu, also known as the lost city of the Incas, came in fourth place in the election, which was decided by internet users around the world. Peruvian bloggers were pleased with the results and hope that this means improved conservation of this archaeological site.

Armenia: Construction frenzy

Blogrel complains about the construction of new elite apartments in Armenia's capital Yerevan, something that surely will drive the established tenants out of the centre. Meanwhile, Onnik Krikorian posts photos of the perpetual construction and offers his commentary about the changing city life.

Palestine: Palestinians Celebrate Alan Johnston's Release

From the sad news of a death of a 31-year-old mother waiting to cross into Palestine from the Rafah Crossing to celebrations over the release of kidnapped BBC journalist Alan Johnston, Palestinian blogs this week are abuzz with activity. Ayesha Saldanha reports how one Canadian-Palestinian blogger is ashamed to be an Arab and how another expresses her disbelief at how veiled women are being discriminated against in Jordan.

Taiwan: keep rowing–i-panga na 1001

  3 July 2007

海浪不斷翻開我的記憶,當我失去海洋給我的回憶時,就是我逐漸結束生命的日子。──夏曼‧藍波安《海浪的記憶》 My memory has been churned by the sea. The day my memory of the sea is lost is the day I am gradually dying. –My memory of the sea by Sharman Lanpoan (a poet in Lanyu) (photo courtesy of casyc23. The red and black circle at the head of...

Bibliography of the Brazilian Ayahuasca Religions

  2 July 2007

Beatriz Labate announces the publishing by MAPS of an extensive bibliography about the Brazilian Ayahuasca Religions, and says that the expansion of these religious movements within Brazil and into other countries, of which the boom in studies is evidence, points to a growing relevance and timeliness of the topic.

Arabeyes: Hamas and Fatah Dig Up Some Dirt

The war between Fatah and Hamas has just got dirtier, 33 Muslim Brotherhood students are arrested in Egypt, a video sheds light on how all the different hues of Egyptians are really one, an exhausting wedding in Saudi and the appearance of a dead grandmother in a dream are just some of the goodies in store for us in this week's Arabic translation of blogs.

Dominica: Treatment of Kalinagos

  2 July 2007

“There is nothing for the average young person to do, the assimilation in mainstream Dominica is still difficult because of an inbuilt bias towards them, especially ironic given the chain of racism black people have had to shake off.” Caribbean Man shares his views on how the indigenous people of...