· August, 2008

Stories about Mozambique from August, 2008

Mozambique: Light at the end of the tunnel

  13 August 2008

Sweden and Switzerland have announced budget support cuts to Mozambique, over claims of lack of progress from the country's government in fighting corruption. Was it actually better for the country? Amílcar da Paz finds it out in a thought-provoking article by Mozambican Sociologist Elísio Macamo.

Mozambique: Breast-feeding should not be the only choice

  3 August 2008

Paulo Granjo [pt] criticizes a redundant local campaign in Mozambique to motivate woman to breast-feed, already a popular habit, which can have disastrous consequences in a country plaged by AIDS. “The most basic common sense is to detect HIV in pregnant women as early as possible, to provide them with...

Mozambique: 2038?

  2 August 2008

What will Mozambique be like in 30 years? Sociologist Carlos Serra provides nine "Byzantine" scenarios and invites his readers to amend them as they see fit