· July, 2008

Stories about Mozambique from July, 2008

Mozambique: Quality debate about politics

  31 July 2008

Elísio Macamo [pt], a sociologist from Mozambique, writes up an article to try to answer a question put by a reader: “How do we re-introduce quality debate about politics in our society?”

Mozambique: Why our leaders never use our hospitals?

  28 July 2008

Custódio Duma [pt] comments on the news that Mozambique's Defence Minister Filipe Nyussi was evacuated to South Africa after having his arm injured in a traffic accident. “Last week I heard the Health Minister say at the RDP Africa that Maputo Central Hospital has now world-class wards… So: Why is...

Nelson Mandela, 90 years

  18 July 2008

Nelson Mandela is 90 years old today and the celebrations have crossed the borders of South Africa to make the world sing happy birthday and clap hands together. Join the celebrations with this round up of many happy returns from the African continent.

Mozambique: Creativity to face food crises

  10 July 2008

O Silêncio de Kianda [pt] brings a good piece of news that shows people's creativity in face of food crises: bread made of cassava instead of wheat. “Nampula [a province of Mozambique] produces three million tons of cassava per year, which has proved to be enough to sustain the bakery...