· February, 2008

Stories about Mozambique from February, 2008

Mozambique: Demanding un update on the children trafficking case

  24 February 2008

Luis David [pt] demands an update on the situation of the 40 children found in a truck intercepted by police in Inchope, reported back in January. The children were supposedly being taken to schools to study the Koran, with their parents consent. “And that casts doubt on whether it was...

Africa: Interrogating the blogosphere

  21 February 2008

Koluki interrogates the blogosphere by looking at the Globl Voices Online coverage of “Portuguese-speaking African countries”: “The most striking observation from this graph is that OC appears not only, as we have seen before, as the “undisputed champion” of GVO reporting about the “Angolan blogosphere”, but also as the “champion”...

Mozambique: People out of the bottle

  14 February 2008

Carlos Serra [pt] has discovered a new popular expression circulating among Mozambicans: ‘people are out of the bottle’. He provides interpretations in the face of protests against the cost of living that have taken place in the country: “It seems that the term refers to the won sense of freedom,...

Mozambique: The lack of public policy and the social protests

  13 February 2008

Custódio Dumas [pt] on the protests against cost of living that have been taking place in many Mozambican cities: “A crowd with no bread does not need a leader. Hunger is already a great leader. An impoverished population does not need propaganda. The very poverty calls for a revolt. There...

Mozambique: Yet another social protest

  12 February 2008

After Maputo, Chókuè, Bobole and Maracuene, the next Mozambican city to go under cost of living protests was Chibuto, this morning, according to Carlos Serra [pt]. The sociologist blogger says that these social protests seem to be a new phenomena in Mozambique history.

Mozambique: Some more protests against the cost of living

  11 February 2008

Carlos Serra [pt] reports that there has been some more protests against the cost of living in Mozambique, this time in Chokué, Bobole e Marracuene, areas nearby Maputo. “In Chokué there where clashes with the police one death and five wounded were reported”.

Mozambique: The right to protest

  9 February 2008

MOZVOZ [pt] on the protests against transport fares rise last Monday in Maputo, Mozambique: “People has exercised and will continue to exercise their right to resist and the police will continue violating the citizens’ rights, freedoms and guarantees”

Mozambique: Don't we have anything?

  8 February 2008

“The companies belong to them, the shops belong to them, the bakeries belong to them, it is all theirs. And us, don't we have anything?”. Carlos Serra [pt] heard this phrase from a lady from Inhagóia and wrote an interesting analyses following up the incidents in Maputo, Mozambique, last Monday....

Mozambique: Riot organized via SMS is covered by bloggers

  6 February 2008

Three people died and more than 250 were injured in a riot yesterday in Maputo, part of a protest against the increase in fares charged by the private minibus operators from the Mozambican capital. This unprecedented manifestation was organized through SMS and covered by bloggers, while local TV stations were mostly showing soap operas and the radios broadcasting football.

Mozambique: Tension situation over public transport fares increase

  5 February 2008

Carlos Serra [pt] reports on a popular protest against the rise in public transport fares in Maputo, Mozambique, which has ended up in gross violence. He has been constantly bringing news the post, the last one of his updates says: “In the Choupal neighbourhood trees were cut down and graves...

Angola: Africa is burning, who cares?

  2 February 2008

“Chad is on fire. The same for Kenya. Sudan too. This will be followed by the Central African Republic. The conflict in Darfur has claimed at least 200 thousand lives and caused two million refugees and displaced persons. What about Rwanda, Ethiopia, Somalia? But does that matter? Important, indeed, is...

Mozambique: An update on the mass kidnapping case

  1 February 2008

Ivone Soares [pt] has an update on the strange mass kidnapping in Mozambique that she reported earlier this week, which went unnoticed by the press, even after a press conference about it: “The most alarming thing is that up to now nobody has any information on the whereabouts of the...