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Stories about Mozambique from January, 2008

Mozambique: More on the strange mass kidnapping

  31 January 2008

Moçambique para Todos [pt] picks up on Ivone Soares’ piece of news yesterday that a mass kidnapping had happened in Mocímboa da Praia.”It is all very odd and almost like a movie! Will the media report on the press conference? I have read about 10 newspapers today (January 30th) and...

Mozambique: Police stops suspected children trafficking truck

  30 January 2008

Breaking the news in the blogosphere, Carlos Serra [pt] reports that the police in Inchope intercepted a truck with 40 children between the ages of 7 and 11 years from Nampula, Mozambique. It is believed that they were being trafficked. “Social and institutional vulnerabilities makes trafficking possible and extended. Several...

Mozambique: A suspicious kidnapping

  30 January 2008

Ivone Soares has an incredible piece of local news: “On 23/01/2008, the citizen Momade Hamade was kidnapped by unknown people in Mocímboa da Praia. He was taken to a a camp where there were about twenty people from both sexes also as taken hostages. Six people among the criminals were...

Mozambique: Back to school, only for some

  28 January 2008

Júlio Mutisse [pt] comments on the beginning of the school year in Mozambique today and the problems that education faces in the country, where many children have not found places to attend to school. “I'm not even talking about the quality of education. I am just talking about access to...

Lusosphere: Child survival

  25 January 2008

UNICEF has just published its annual analysis of the mortality rate of children under 5 years. Among the conclusions, Angola, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe, East Timor and Cape Verde have rates far above the admissible, considering Brazil as the standard intermediate and Portugal as the only one...

Mozambique: Yet another case of deforestation

  23 January 2008

Carlos Serra [pt] reports on yet another case of interception of illegally felled hardwood for exportation in Mozambique. This time, seven ten tonne trucks were seized by the Mozambican police in the district of Meconta. The ongoing deforestation in the country is a recurrent issue in the blog, says Carlos,...

Mozambique: Sleep Walking Land

  16 January 2008

Forever Pemba [pt] is glad to find out that the film ‘Sleep Walking Land’, by Mozambican Teresa Prata based on a Mia Couto's book, will be shown at the Pune International Film Festival, in India, and in London's Bird's Eye Film Festival. “The movie tell us the Muidinga's story, a...

Mozambique: National languages and African identity

  15 January 2008

João Craveirinha debates national languages and African identity on Moçambique Online Blog [pt]. “The fear of the emergence of a pseudo-tribalism movement was the excuse for not to teach our language Banto alongside Portuguese and English. ”

Mozambique: The lowest life span

  11 January 2008

Carlos Serra [pt] is optimistic about the report by the WHO that by 2025 the life span in Mozambique and other African countries will be of 60 years, the lowest in the world. “It seems to be a negative fact, perhaps we can have a more optimistic view if we...

Mozambique: Six simple questions on Africa

  5 January 2008

An interesting debate is going on in a Moçambique para Todos [pt] post, with readers trying to provide answers to 6 questions posed by Manuel de Araujo [pt] about the situation in Africa, one of which is: “If a stable democracy as Kenya's may “disappear” in a matter of minutes,...

Mozambique: A letter to Barack Obama

  5 January 2008

Carlos Serra [pt], from Mozambique, writes a letter to senator Barack Obama, in which he pleads with him to help Kenya: “Well, your father was born there, therefore Senator, you are one of us, you are African, you are Kenyan. Senator: Get in a plane and go to Nairobi to...

Mozambique: A war in the blogosphere?

  5 January 2008

Reflectindo sobre Moçambique [pt] wonders if there is a war between blog clans in Mozambique. Here are a few of the questions he poses: “A war in the Mozambican blogosphere? And if that is the case, what is the reason for it and what is their objective? Are blogs a...

Mozambique: Let us exist please

  4 January 2008

Carlos Serra [pt], whose Diário de um sociólogo blog won the 2007 BOBs in Portuguese language, is not happy with the way the the press portrays the Lusosphere, mentioning blogs from Portugal and Brazil only. “I repeat again a call that I have already made to Mozambican bloggers: subscribe to...

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