Mozambique: Support for Georgia

an immediate ceasefire and the removal of Russian troops off Georgian territories.


  • Dave Moritz

    I find Russia’s behavior to be totally criminal and I would call on them to honor there agreement to pull out of the country of Georgia. There is no place for the Russia of old to exist in the modern world. If this would have been a matter of terror attacks being launch from Georgia then I would understand Russia crossing into Georgia. But this is not a matter of Russia striking back at terrorism! Russia has no business invading a neighboring country. These actions are similar to Iraq invading Kuwait and it should not be tolerated! If find the story of Russian troops writting things like “This is for NATO” and “This is for America” to be very troubling. This tells me that Russia hates democracy and hates country’s that support freedom.

    I would hope that the US and other European countries will consider placing troops as peace keepers in Georgia. That is if Georgia was to ask for peace keepers from other country’s to enter there country. I feel that this is the best way to keep Russia from going any further than they already have. I doubt that Russia would engage military from Europe and America when it would be very dangerous to do so.

    It almost makes me wish I where president of the United States. I would give Russia a chance to pull out and if they didn’t with the permission of the Georgian president. I would have a US battle group off the coast of Georgia and I would start moving in troops and tanks into Georgia to help keep Russia from advancing into Georgia any further than they have already.

    I stand with the people of Georgia and support them 100% against the aggression that Russia has committed. I would hope that the Georgian people continue to resist to the best of there ability. And I would hope the US and other European country’s will not wait to long to get involved if Russia does not honor there agreement to leave. Maybe the UN should accelerate the acceptance of Georgia into the United Nations if that what it takes.

  • Russian aggression must be stopped! No more cold war! Stop Russia from dominating natural resources.

    RUSSIA STAY OUT OF GEORGIAN CIVIL WAR!!! Let Georgia determine georgia’s future.

    I am an Iraqi US Army Combat Veteran and I think the USA should pull most troops out of Iraq and help Georgia in to NATO

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