· March, 2012

Stories about Mozambique from March, 2012

Mozambique: The People's Wall of Maputo

  13 March 2012

At the same time that we increasingly see the advance of new technologies which facilitate communication and information, in Maputo the People's Wall has emerged; a large wall in a public place where the population can write letters and direct reflections to the governing leaders.

Africa: Tech Entrepreneurship Bubbling in the Developing World

  8 March 2012

To illustrate the technological transformation that the African continent is undergoing, CNN's African Voices has highlighted 10 leading tech voices from different African countries. While the article put a much needed emphasis on the innovation trend originating from the African continent and their achievements, many tech experts felt that the feature did not represent the whole scope of tech innovation and entrepreneurship that is brewing in all the regions of the continent.

Mozambique: Time lapse viral video of storm over Maputo

6 March 2012

This video of a storm arriving over the city of Maputo has gone viral on Youtube, with over 450,000 views in just a few short weeks. Statistics show greatest numbers of views in Mozambique, South Africa, Japan and Portugal. Mozambique has been hit by a number of cyclones in recent...