· November, 2007

Stories about Mozambique from November, 2007

Mozambique: Tribute to Ian Smith

  22 November 2007

“Ian Smith died today at the age of 88 in Cape Town. The man who fought the English over the independence of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). For he is a true African Hero (there are also blond Africans!), we celebrate the man who still young went to Europe to fight Hitler and...

Mozambique: Registration period is postponed

  21 November 2007

The voter registration period which began on September 24 will not finish tomorrow, November 22, as planned. According to Moçambique para Todos [pt], “The registration has been postponed until December 15 this year, after which there will be a break for Christmas, Family Day and New Year's Celebrations, and work...

Mozambique: Remembering Carlos Cardoso

  19 November 2007

ForEver PEMBA [pt] reminds a loss for the democratic press in Mozambique: “The next November 22 marks the anniversary of Mozambican journalist CARLOS CARDOSO‘s violent death”. Cardoso was murdered in 2000, after having denounced many corruption cases and crimes.

Mozambique: Congratulations to Tas – BOBs2007

  16 November 2007

A runner up for the the same category, Diário de um Sociólogo congratulates [pt] Marcelo Tas for winning the Best Weblog Portuguese prize and invites other blogs from Mozambique to make themselves known: “Finally, I would like to make again this invitation: sign up for BOBs2008, I make an special...

Mozambique: The young rapper and the power of words

  12 November 2007

Moçambique para todos [pt] publishes video and lyrics from thought provoking rapper Azagaia, from Mozambique, who “is back to the scene and releases tomorrow his latest piece of work. Check out the lyrics of a song that is already very popular, especially in the intellectual debate circles”.