· March, 2011

Stories about Mozambique from March, 2011

Mozambique: A Brief Analysis on Language Issues

  14 March 2011

Sandra Flosi, on the blog Mosanblog, writes [pt] about the mix of spellings and the lack of explicit rules in the use of Portuguese language in Mozambique. Flosi comments on the proposal for a new Reform of Portuguese Ortography, whose costs for adoption in the country are estimated in 100...

Mozambique: Where streets have no name

  10 March 2011

A photo of where streets have no name in Mozambique: “There is a city where there are signposts everywhere. And each signpost is empty of language. The citizens decide on the names of the streets by consensus at 8am each morning. Poets run the naming sessions..”

Mozambique: Global Voices and @Verdade Newspaper

  4 March 2011

Starting this March, the Global Voices gains a space offline in a corner of Lusophone Africa, in the pages of @Verdade Newspaper, Mozambique. In return, the largest weekly in circulation in Mozambique will help to increase our coverage of the country, with a monthly column on news from Mozambique, as seen by its citizens.