· September, 2010

Stories about Mozambique from September, 2010

Mozambique: “Bread Riots” Reflections

  21 September 2010

Globally and in Maputo, bloggers reflected on the unrest in Maputo and the government's response, addressing the economic, political and social aspects of events. Critiques of "civil society", globalization and Mozambique's economic model were numerous.

Mozambique: Violence and Shooting spreads to Chimboio

  3 September 2010

Citizens reported violent demonstrations in Chimboio, in the centre of Mozambique, on the third day of the unrest. Blogger Carlos Serra questions what journalists mean when they say that the situation in now “calm”, after six people having been shot. [all links in pt]

Mozambique: When people don't have bread to eat

  2 September 2010

Following reports of riots and burning tyres and looting shops in protest of the rising bread price in Mozambique, Administrator of Development Talks blog says: “If people do not have bread to eat, something is seriously wrong in a country.”

Mozambique: Violent Unrest, Frustration in Maputo

  2 September 2010

As night falls on the second day of violent unrest, uncertainty remains in Maputo. Bloggers are still working to digest and fully analyze the causes of the riots, which were triggered by increases in the cost of living. One thing is clear: it has caused a profound questioning of the country's political, social and economic situation.

Mozambique: Maputo on alert with unrest

  1 September 2010

The city of Maputo is on alert as popular revolt is spreading over the cost of bread, water and electricity. Residents report disturbances on the street as things appear to be turning violent.