· December, 2011

Stories about Mozambique from December, 2011

Online Highlights from the Portuguese-Speaking World in 2011

  31 December 2011

2011 has been another year in which bloggers and activists from a number of Portuguese-speaking countries have come together to report, translate and promote blogs and citizen media from all over the world. This article selects the highlights in the coverage of Lusophone countries on Global Voices over the last year.

Mozambique: On the City of Quelimane, New Epicenter of Politics

  28 December 2011

Mayoral by-elections in the city of Quelimane, which opposition candidate Manuel de Araújo won, were enthusiastically debated in social networks. Interest in the electoral process went far beyond the provincial city and its repercussions were felt in the capital, Maputo. We document this unexpected end to 2011, an important political moment in Mozambique.

Mozambique: The Irrepressible Facebook Blogger

  19 December 2011

Mozambique is a country with a few superbloggers and little else to report in terms of consistent expression on the open internet, but with dramatic growth of Facebook (via mobile) one brave personality has risen to the fore in this walled, blue and white world. With his frontal political comment and criticism "Apóstolo da Desgraça" has become a reference, and received threats.

Mozambique: Epic, tweeted land journeys from up north

  10 December 2011

Járcia Muando (@JarciaMuando), a young communications professional, is currently tweeting her long land journey by bus, minibus and truck from Niassa province to Zambezia province in northern Mozambique. On November 1, journalist Hélder Shirangano (@Shirangano) tweeted his train journey between Nampula and Niassa provinces.

Mozambique: Jubilation with Mayoral Opposition Win

  8 December 2011

Supporters of opposition mayoral candidate Manuel de Araújo celebrated his victory in by-elections before the official results on Wednesday evening, both on the streets of the central city of Quelimane and Facebook. Araújo is a long-time blogger who led an innovative campaign both online and in real life.

Mozambique: Reasons for Silence of Private TV Channel on Election Day

  7 December 2011

On a day of important by-elections in Mozambique, journalist José Belmiro, from the private channel STV, announced he would suspend his participation in discussion on Facebook [pt] on the vote for reasons “out of [his] control”. According to a citizen report [pt], during the lunchtime news, STV went off air...

Mozambique: Realtime by-elections coverage from three cities

  7 December 2011

Mozambican newspaper @ Verdade is liveblogging mayoral by-elections on Facebook (public) and live-tweeting events in realtime from 3 cities, promoting the hashtag #EleicoesMoz. Voter Pedro Massinga (@Mozi1976) tweeted photos from the polls. @ Verdade is also receiving citizen reports on the voting via SMS, tweet, BBM, and email to its...

Lusophone Heritage of “Portugality” Around the World

  5 December 2011

A Facebook group and a mapping website called “Portugality” have been created to explore the cultures that result from the “global cultural fusion started by Portuguese navigations of the XVth. century and lasting to this day in places like Brazil, Mozambique, East Timor or Malacca”.

Mozambique: Reactions to an Everyday Urban Tragedy

  1 December 2011

Last week, Mozambican readers of the newspaper @Verdade reacted to the tragic and all-too-normal story of a man who was left to die near a Maputo marketplace after apparently suffering alcohol poisoning. Nearby police allegedly took over 24 hours to react. Residents in the vicinity said they were scared to intervene.