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Costa Rica vibrates with the Central American Music Festival

  14 February 2006

Feet are fiddling and fingers are drumming as many Costa Ricans wait for the PapayaFest, Papaya Music's tribute to San José as the 2006 Latin American Culture Capital, to begin on February 16th. Papaya Music is a Central American effort to unite musicians, researchers and producers who wish to bring traditional and popular composers into greater visibility and younger generation's attention.

Costa Rica Waits for Surprising Election Results

  6 February 2006

The supposedly predictable Costa Rican elections bring up surprising results as the Candidate Otton Solis faces off with ex-president Oscar Arias for the presidential seat, less than half a point apart, defying every previous prediction and poll result. After a so called dispirited and cold campaign, the candidates to the...

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