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Video: What Egypt, Congo, Uganda and Colombia Have in Common

  15 August 2012

The search for justice in the wake of conflict is what Egypt, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and Colombia have in common. The Case for Justice is a series of videos debating on the relevance of what is known as transitional justice, a set of systems that is put into place to allow for accountability in the wake of massive human rights violations.

Video: Dreaming of the Olympics in Colombia

  6 August 2012

The short film "Speed" by student Esteban Barros from Barranquilla, Colombia, shows an Olympic hopeful's dream of competing in the Olympics. Will hard effort, good results and perseverance be enough to get him to the competition? Watch the subtitled two minute video and find out.

Costa Rica: ‘We Are All Karina’ Campaign for Dismissed Vice-Minister

  1 August 2012

Men and women are getting their picture taken with hand-written signs saying, "We are all Karina" to show support for Vice-Minister Karina Bolaños, who was dismissed after a video surfaced where she appeared in underwear speaking to a lover. Karina was black-mailed for years regarding the video, and once she stopped paying, the video was distributed to media and social networks, leading to her dismissal by President Laura Chinchilla.

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