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German “Open Music” Band Dedicates a Concert for Peru

  21 March 2007

[Editors Note: The following post originally appeared on the weblog of Creative Commons Peru and was translated into english by Juliana Rincón Parra. We've already seen a rural Ecuadorean “techno-folklorist” become an international celebrity by using YouTube and a weblog. Now a small German band is reaching out to bloggers...

Electronic arts scene mingles with marginalized communities in Colombia

  16 March 2007

Take electronic media, a community with a violent history and music, and you have the necessary ingredients to make a Pixelazo. “Pixelazo is the new Colombian node in the Pixelache festival network. The first Pixelazo event will be organised by Intermundos.org in collaboration with Pixelache Helsinki and several Colombian collaborators.”...

The Costa Rican media ignored the Anti-CAFTA march

  14 March 2007

El Sr. Masís de Moravia. by Juliaa (The sign reads “If CAFTA passes we'll be slaves like this donkey.”) Cristian Cambronero from Fusil de Chispas [es] sums up the blogger perspective on the Costa Rica Anti-Cafta marches in his February 28th post. The media refused to report on the event,...

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