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Costa Rica: Germany and Colombia win La Ruta endurance cycling race

  23 November 2010

La Ruta de los Conquistadores is considered one of the world's hardest cycling races in stages and it took place last week in Costa Rica, with Colombian Angela Parra winning in the women's category and German cyclist Ben Sonntag winning in the male category. But the organizers faced a parallel challenge: they struggled to handle participants' dissatisfaction with the way rules were enforced during the race.

Online Video Contest on Responsible Consumption has Winner

  12 November 2010

A Colombian short film was selected as the winner from 10 international finalists in the 4th International online short film contest for Responsible Consumption Culture. This contest, organized by ECODES and the General Direction of Consumption for the Government of Aragon called for entries in Spanish from short film producers from Spain and Latin America.

Colombia: Peaceful Protests to Violent Events in Medellin

  12 November 2010

The University of Antioquia in Medellin, Colombia was once more the center of a three point struggle between the government's police units, insurgent groups and the students, where the students scored a victory of sorts when they stood up for their right to study in a violence free environment by expelling the riot police from their campus.

Video: It Gets Better for Queer Youth

  10 November 2010

The It Gets Better Project was started by Dan Savage as a way of preventing gay teens from committing suicide through videos explaining what gay adult life could be: lots better. And from different corners of the world, other people are also sharing their stories.

Costa Rica: Rescue Efforts Continue in Rain Ravaged Areas

  7 November 2010

Many areas are still isolated due to the heavy rains and flooding in Costa Rica and the Costa Rican Red Cross is working hard to rescue and aid as many people as possible. This video shows a rescue worker crossing a makeshift bridge over a roaring river with a baby...

Costa Rica: Red Alert and National Emergency due to Strong Rains

  4 November 2010

Tropical storm Thomas has seriously affected Costa Rica which has declared a State of National Emergency. The strong rains have caused extensive damage throughout the country: So far 20 people died under a landslide to the west of the Capital of San José, other people are still missing, hundreds have been evacuated and at least 11 roads and highways have been blocked or closed.

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