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Peru: Traditional Music Takes on Internet Love

  14 April 2009

While internet romance has lost its shock value to many online veterans, certain segments of the population who have so far remained outside of the online revolution are just catching up with these changes and are exploring the pros and cons of cyber-romance. Here we bring you three music videos for songs by Peruvian folklore singers who provide us their Andean perspective on these new ways of finding and bonding with romantic partners.

Argentina: Mi* Platform for Budding Spanish Speaking Citizen Journalists

  13 April 2009

From Argentina, the Mi * (asterisk) citizen journalism website has sprouted up, with the intention of becoming the platform for budding Spanish speaking citizen journalists to post their work and receive comments, discuss topics, receive training and share content. So far citizen journalism workshops have been given in Argentina, Ecuador and Dominican Republic, and citizens from these and other countries have been participating on the site.

Colombia: National Police Force has YouTube Channel

  2 April 2009

The Colombian Police Force has a new strategy to share the inside workings of their work: a YouTube channel where they are uploading videos showing new technologies they are applying, videos of citizens thanking them for their assistance, new safety campaigns and shots of them in action.

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