· May, 2008

Stories about Vietnam from May, 2008

Southeast Asia: Coping with the rice and food crisis

  21 May 2008

Food prices continue to rise in the world market. Southeast Asian governments are now re-examining their food and agricultural policies in order to prevent consumer panic and social unrest. Bloggers are discussing the food crisis and its impact in the region.

Vietnam: Media versus government

  16 May 2008

The Freedom Against Censorship Thailand or FACT mentions the confrontation of state-controlled newspapers and the Vietnam government over the arrest of reporters who wrote about a corruption scandal.

Vietnam: Yahoo 360 Plus

  12 May 2008

SaigonNezumi.com notes that Yahoo 360 is one of the most popular blogging applications in Vietnam. In fact, Yahoo 360plus was launched just for the Vietnamese market

Vietnam: Demolition photo

  7 May 2008

Saigon Today posts a picture of a demolished structure in Saigon, Vietnam. He notes that “There is plenty of construction and redevelopment happening all over town.”

Global: The price of food, the cost of despair

  2 May 2008

The crisis of skyrocketing food prices is affecting all economic groups in every corner of the world. Every day, it seems, high-priced food sends another country lurching through some crisis: demonstrations, riots, rumors of hoarding, falling governments, even deaths. Global Voices is well positioned to follow the nuances of this...