· January, 2009

Stories about Vietnam from January, 2009

Vietnam government to use OpenSource

  16 January 2009

“100% of government servers must run Linux by June 30, 2009,” the Vietnamese government ordered. Chip 2.0 sees nothing wrong with this plan but questions the time and resources the government will invest in it.

Southeast Asia: Ship of dreams and friendship

  16 January 2009

Take a luxury cruise liner, fill it with some 300 vibrant youths from Southeast Asia and Japan, stir in cultural agenda and social interactions. The result: a strong bond and lifetime friendship. This is the story of the Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Programme.

Cambodia: Liberation Day or Invasion Day?

  14 January 2009

The Cambodian government commemorated the 30th year of the downfall of the Khmer Rouge regime. But opinion is divided whether this day should be celebrated as Liberation Day or Invasion Day since Vietnam, which helped in removing the Khmer Rouge, occupied Cambodia until 1988