· May, 2007

Stories about Vietnam from May, 2007

Vietnam: Fibre Optic Cable Looting

  25 May 2007

SaigonNezumi writes about Vietnamese authorities nabbing under sea fiber-optic cable robbers. The bloggers asks “Who are the ones telling these smugglers the exact locations of the fiber-optic lines?”

Vietnam: Preserving Hoi An

  18 May 2007

One of the popular tourist destination in Vietnam is the laid back historic town of Hoi An. Vietnamese God visits Hoi An and hopes the authorities would stop new building from coming up and destroying Hoi An's beauty.

Vietnam: Marriage Customs

  6 May 2007

Lebotuan describes how a marriage is proposed in Vietnam with the boy's family visiting the girl's family. “On the predetermined date, the boy's famile will come with some traditional offering: betel and areca and rice wine. They should be the boy's parent, his brothers or sisters, aunties and uncles. Regarding...

Vietnam: Blog Anniversary

  6 May 2007

Duong Lam Anh, author of one of the few Vietnamese blogs in English, reflects on one year of blog writing. “Where will this blog lead me to? I have no idea. But the question itself excites me. It is like you are on a new road and never know where...

Vietnam Bloggers Crash the Linguistic Divide

  1 May 2007

Ironically bloggers like Joe's Blog and Vietnamese God put the lie to the idea of a single blogosphere, a unified world of blogs that spans the globe. Yes, blogs have become a global phenomenon, but studies show increasingly that there are multiple blogospheres defined by culture, language and different technologies. Far too often these worlds are distinct solitudes operating in parallel.