· August, 2006

Stories about Vietnam from August, 2006

Vietnam: Trip to Halong Bay

  29 August 2006

Vietnamese God vists Halong bay – one of the popular tourist destinations in Vietnam. The bloggers posts some pictures and reflects “It was so quiet, nothing much happening around, just the boat engine going sometimes on and off. Sitting on the top of the boat in that peaceful atmosphere made...

Vietnam: First KFC in Hanoi

  19 August 2006

The blogger at Vietnamese God visits the first KFC outlet in Hanoi and finds that it is attracting a lot of people. “I wonder why people like to eat fast food when they have so many options to choose from on the street in Vietnam, as well as some good...

Vietnam: Street Food

  8 August 2006

Vietnamese God introduces a street snack from Hanoi. If you don't mind trying street food and you have only 10,000Vnd in your pocket, then this lunch is for you. That's fried tofu with noodles.

Vietnam: South Saigon

  5 August 2006

Itsthefinalword looks at the changing face of southern Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). Comment left by a visitors sums up the change “The area looks ritzy. Even in my wildest dreams, at the time my family left the city at the conclusion of the war, I cannot imagine Saigon would...