· July, 2010

Stories about Vietnam from July, 2010

Vietnam: Agent Orange at Danang Airbase

  31 July 2010

Thuy Vu of Vietnam Reporting Project visited the Danang Airbase where Agent Orange was stored. Agent Orange is the highly toxic herbicide used by the U.S. military during the Vietnam War

Vietnam: Pale skin and beauty

  29 July 2010

Reacting to the uproar in India over a Facebook app which allows users to lighten their skin color, Andy Engelson observes that the idea of equating pale skin with beauty is also strong in Vietnam.

Vietnam: U.S. and human rights

  23 July 2010

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who is in Hanoi this week for a regional meeting reminded Vietnam to address human rights issues. Reacting to this statement, Vietnam-based twitter user genericdude says, “I would like to see the US invite Vietnam to speak in the US and then have VN...

Accessing Facebook in Vietnam

  21 July 2010

The Vietnam Reform Party has uploaded a document giving instructions to internet users on how to access Facebook in Vietnam. There have been many instances when some websites, including Facebook, are blocked in Vietnam.

Vietnam: Proposed human rights agenda

  21 July 2010

The Vietnam Reform Party has advised U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who will visit Vietnam this week, to raise human rights issues with the Vietnam government. The group also highlighted the need to combat web censorship.

Vietnam: Power and water woes

  20 July 2010

SaigonNezumi is hoping that the monsoon rains would arrive soon to ease the power and water shortages in Vietnam. He notes that many buildings in Hanoi and Saigon now have gas powered generators.

Southeast Asia: Sex and web censorship

  16 July 2010

Regulating internet content today is viewed as an anti-democratic practice but Southeast Asian governments seem able to justify it by invoking the need to save the young from the scourge of indecent sexual behavior.

Vietnam: Flood in Hanoi

  15 July 2010

Dan shares his experience during a recent flooding in Hanoi, Vietnam. Pictures of the flood are uploaded in VN Express.