· September, 2006

Stories about Vietnam from September, 2006

Cambodia: Vietnamese Soldiers

  29 September 2006

Chhay Vet blogging at Khmer440 remember the time immidiately after the fall of Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. The blogger has respect for the first batch of Vietnamese troops who helped end Khmer rouge rule. “The Vietnamese finally established their headquarters in the pagoda at the top of Phnom Sampheou but...

Vietnam: Caring for Parents

  29 September 2006

Virtual Doug in a post titled Filial Piety talks about the differences in parent child relationship in Vietnam and the US. “The American and Asian cultures are very, very different in the ways they look at honoring Mom and Dad. My Vietnamese students made it very clear that merely sending...

Video: Vietnamese bloggers get “kinky” for charity

  28 September 2006

Vietnamese blogger Elmooh has uploaded a series of four videos shot at an “Offline Party” – a blogger-organized charity fundraiser in Hanoi. The party included a game involving young men, young women, bananas and candles. (Don't worry, it's all g-rated and everybody keeps their clothes on!) I e-mailed Elmooh asking...

Vietnam: Cambodia to Vietnam

  28 September 2006

Tim Hoiland has posted a pictorial account of his trip from Cambodia capital Phnom Penh to Saigon in Vietnam. The pictures provide insights in the life and occupations around the Mekong river.

Cambodia: Remembering Khmer Rouge's Fall

  18 September 2006

Chhay Vet at Khmer440 blog remembers the day in 1979 when as a child he witnessed Vietnamese soldiers chase away the Khmer Rouge. “I remember the Vietnamese soldiers as being small and thin but tough fighting men. They were well armed, wore French style helmets covered in camouflaged cloth and...

Vietnam: The Newspaper Boy

  15 September 2006

Vietnamese God introduces us to a newspaper boy in Hanoi. The boy is disabled and yet he has works from 6AM to 10AM. The blogger writes that this boy is an example for other youth who want to make easy money.

Vietnam: Independence Day

  5 September 2006

The blogger at The Final Word wanders around Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) to bring us photographs of the Vietnamese Independence Day decorations.

Thailand: Steve Irwin's Death

  5 September 2006

Andrew Biggs in Thailand is saddened by the passing of TV presenter Steve Irwin. Irwin was popular across South East Asia for this TV shows that featured wild animals. “Steve Irwin was very much a “larger than life” figure who loved his work. He loved wild animals, and taught a...

Brunei: About Vietnam

  5 September 2006

The blogger at Daily Brunei Resources takes a break from commentary on Brunei and talks about neighbouring Vietnam. “Bruneians have the conception that Vietnam is a backward country. In some sense that is true especially in the rural areas. But looking at Vietnam's overall macroeconomic performance, the country itself has...