· November, 2005

Stories about Vietnam from November, 2005

Vietnam: Wedding Season

24 November 2005

Vietnamese God comments on the October-to-January wedding “happy season” in Vietnam, and recounts how cat was served at one nuptial he attended.

Vietnam: Best of Saigon

23 November 2005

Foodblogger noodlepie lists in one post his recommendations for the best places in Saigon for food.

Vietnam: Hanoi Evenings

16 November 2005

Both No Star Where and Our Man in Hanoi have written posts reminiscing about music and evenings in Hanoi. Perhaps its the autumn season (Hanoi is the northernmost Southeast Asian capital). Or perhaps because both are leaving Vietnam soon.

On the Menu: Food Blogs from Southeast Asia!

  15 November 2005

Take one former graphic designer, a retired corporate banking and management consultant, a civil servant, a teacher, an amateur photographer, an academic and a freelance journalist. Add generous dollops of blogging software, several digital cameras, enthusiastic assistants/partners and web-hosting accounts (there are no substitutes for these ingredients). Stir them together and you get some of the best writing about Southeast Asian food this side of printed page.

Vietnam: Dead Fishes

14 November 2005

Vietnamese God notices people have been collecting the dead fish that have been appearing in Truc Bach Lake, and worries about why.

Vietnam: Saigon Miracle

2 November 2005

Both No Star Where and The Rice Bowl get caught up in the miraculous sight sweeping Saigon: the statue of the Virgin Mary in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral is apparently crying.