· March, 2006

Stories about Vietnam from March, 2006

Vietnam: Annoying government loudspeaker

  30 March 2006

Vietnamese God posts a picture of government's loudspeaker that repeats announcements constantly in his home area. He feels that although in some ways it is helpful, but you will wish it gone, especially on weekend when you trying to relax.

Vietnam: Ban on Overseas Films

  22 March 2006

Vietnam's Ministry of Culture and Information is considering banning overseas Vietnamese filmmakers from releasing films within Vietnam. Diacritic.org has more here.

Vietnam: Catching Up

  20 March 2006

R. Streitmatter-Tran comments on how the IMF thinks it will take two centuries for Vietnam to catch up with Singapore.

Buen Provecho!

  18 March 2006

Greetings from Panama! This week's food blog round-up is extremely scrumptious. Please do not read if you are hungry! #1: From Greece, Wanderlust ShaLadies and gentlemen, it is my honor to introduce you to Ms. Sha, the empanada queen! Oh,…just take a look at those photos. Just be prepared with...

Vietnam: Home Design

17 March 2006

Antidote to Burnout is an architect from San Francisco who now works in construction in Vietnam. He's started a series evaluating the small design touches on Vietnamese homes he sees in Saigon.

Vietnam: Departures

  10 March 2006

Six Months in Hanoi bids an emotional farewell to Vietnam. “My experience of leaving Hanoi was of suddenly seeing the loss of a whole community. I know I will return, but I will never regain that world.” It took him a week before he could write about it.

Vietnam: Fate of an Expatriate

  9 March 2006

Our Man in Hanoi worries that he'll end up like many Westerners in Asia: “Am I destined to be the movie ex-pat villain, stuffing my face, sweating profusely and shouting at a befuddled waiter to be quicker with the drinks? I hope not. But you can see it happening over...

China: Watching Hanoi

  9 March 2006

Michael Anti posts a long article (ZH) analysing the current debate going on ahead of the Vietnamese 10th Communist Party Congress in April, about the direction the country's socialism should now take. Says one commentator: “Basically this is just a pirated version of China.”

Vietnam: Eyeing the Expected

  6 March 2006

Virtual Doug has a mea culpa: he admits that the pictures he posts of Việt Nam are cliched; what non-Vietnamese expect to see. “This country is changing rapidly. Very rapidly. This is the second fastest growing economy in the world. It is not a “backwards” country. It is a developing...

Vietnam: Cyclo

  3 March 2006

Virtual Doug chronicles the increasingly rare xích lô (cyclo, or trishaw), which has almost disappeared in Hà Nội and Sài Gòn but “is still hanging on in Huê.”