· September, 2005

Stories about Vietnam from September, 2005

Vietnam: Spice up your expat life

30 September 2005

Bored in a Vietnamese city on a Friday night? Try wandering around bars pretending to be Michael Caine, writes Friskodude.

Vietnam: The East is Punk

28 September 2005

Coming across an array of punk-style badges in a Saigon market, NoodlePie wonders if the Vietnamese equivalent of Johnny Rotten will finally come and liberate his ears from indigenous pop music.

Vietnam: Organic vegetables

23 September 2005

Noodlepie signs up for, and reviews, an organic vegetable delivery service run by a company called Organik Vietnam.

Vietnam: Travel Advisory

14 September 2005

The impending visit of Our Man in Hanoi‘s parents prompts him to write a letter to visitors to Vietnam: “The first thing you have to realize is — nothing is what it seems.”

Vietnam: Street vendors

13 September 2005

Vietnamese God has some fun photos of the “walking clothes shops” of Northern Vietnam.

Vietnam: A Part of the World

7 September 2005

Noodlepie translates a few entries in the contest for Vietnamtourism's new slogan, which is on until Sept. 30. One of them: “Vietnam – A Part of the World.”

Vietnam: Amnesty

5 September 2005

Pastor Quang was released on August 30 as part of the National Day amnesty, but evangelist Thach remains in prison

Freedom of Speech News

  1 September 2005

The latest developments on threats to Freedom of Speech over the past week. With Reporters sans frontières China: Two cyber-dissidents put under surveillance during UN human rights visit The Chinese authorities put Liu Di, a young Internet user who was imprisoned for a year in 2002-2003, and Liu Xiaobo, a...