· June, 2007

Stories about Vietnam from June, 2007

Singapore: Ancient Scripts of South East Asia

  17 June 2007

Noelbynature recommends an exhibition on Malay scripts current being hosted at the National Library in Singapore. “this is indeed a rare opportunity to see the epigraphy of ancient Southeast Asia in one collection.”

Vietnam: Food Safety

  17 June 2007

Saigon Nezumi wonders about the safety of the food in Vietnam. Local newspapers have been reporting on the investigations by authorities on local and import food products.

Vietnam: Utility Costs

  15 June 2007

Vietnam's growth has been attracting a lot of expatriates. VA to VN has a breakdown of what your utility bills would look like if you were to move to Vietnam.

Vietnam: Food Recommendation in Hue

  13 June 2007

Vietnamese God is traveling in Hue, the old capital city of Vietnam. The blogger has some pictures of local food and restaurant recommendations.

Vietnam: Design Ideas of Vietnamese Architects

  12 June 2007

The blogger at Antidote to Burnout is impressed by the “the modernist tradition practiced by Vietnamese architects in urban houses” but wonders why the architects are not able to scale up their design skills to big buildings.

Vietnam: America and Racism

  9 June 2007

VietPundit is offended by people who think of US as a racist country. “The truth is that there’s less racism in America than anywhere else on earth. Just from the little corner of Asia where I came from: the Vietnamese hate the Chinese, who can’t stand the Japanese, who despise...

Singapore: Remembering Vietnamese Boat People

  9 June 2007

The blogger at monsoonmaritimeservices recalls the late 70s encounters with the Vietnamese boat people. “During those time, those of us on merchant ships plying the South China Sea would have seen these decrepit boats overloaded with hundreds of “boat people” – We were in a dilemma, do we risk taking...

Cambodia: Vietnam Stops Sand Export

  7 June 2007

Socheta at KI Media translates a Radio Free Asia story that says Vietnam is not allowing Cambodia to ship sand to Singapore. Singapore usually imports sand from larger South East Asian neighbors for its construction projects. Vietnam is citing environmental damage to Mekong river as the reason for its action.