· December, 2005

Stories about Vietnam from December, 2005

Vietnam: Imitations

21 December 2005

At diacritic.org, R. Streitmatter-Tran discusses the embarrassment to Vietnamese art when local award-winning works are revealed to have been plagiarized including one from a work that won an award in Vietnam six years earlier.

Vietnam: Alleys

15 December 2005

No Star Where describes the fascinating alleyways of Saigon.

Vietnam: Hair Ban

13 December 2005

At the Saigon-based art blog diacritic.org, a post bemoaning the year-and-a-half-old law from Vietnam's Ministry of Culture prohibiting radical hairstyles.

Southeast Asian Games!

  8 December 2005

Southeast Asian Games closing ceremonies’ photo by Jove Francisco. The 23rd South East Asian Games, which recently concluded in Manila this week, were known as the South East Asian Peninsular Games until 1975 when the SEAP Games Federation accepted Indonesia and the Philippines as members. The name was then changed...

Vietnam: Motorcycle Perils

8 December 2005

Thinking of tooling around on a motorcycle while in Vietnam? Virtual Doug warns: “Việt Nam has the second highest traffic fatality rate in the world.”

Vietnam: Rickshaw Ride

1 December 2005

No Star Where describes being a foreigner riding a rickshaw in Saigon and quotes Pearl S. Buck: “They are such fools they do not know the proper price of anything, and let the silver run out of their pockets like water.”