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Blog: The Gates @ Central Park

  29 January 2005

Hi everyone.... I've set up a community blog for "The Gates," the upcoming art event in New York's Central Park by the artist Christo. For two weeks in February, Christo will decorate Central Park with thousands of saffron-colored flags on gates throughout the park. http://nycgates.blogspot.com/ The website is set up to accept blog postings from anyone who visits The Gates and wants to comment on the event. The site will accept new posts via email and voicemail. Think of it as a public experiment in collective art criticism. :-) There are two emails you can use to post comments to the site - one email for people with positive comments about The Gates and one for people with negative comments. You can even attach a photo to the email and have it placed on the blog, if you go to Central Park and take pictures. Soon, I'll have the blog set up so that visitors can post audio blogs/podcasts about the event from their phone, using a call-in number and PIN code. I used this technique at the Berkman blogging conference for the blog http://mobcasting.blogspot.com. So for those of you who are in NYC or are planning to visit the city during the February event, I'd like to invite you to post your thoughts about The Gates. Feel free to post before, during or immediately after the event; I'll probably close the site's posting features a couple of weeks after the exhibit ends. How to Post Your Comments and Photos to the Site If you would like to post your thoughts about the Christo Central Park exhibit to the website, please send an email with your comments to either of these addresses:

For positive comments: yes-christo.gates /at/ blogger.com For critical comments: no-christo.gates /at/ blogger.com
(You'll have to remove the "/at/" and replace it with an @ symbol. This is to discourage spam.) Please put the title of your comments in the "subject" field of the email, and then your comments in the body of the email. Feel free to sign your email or post anonymously, whichever is more comfortable for you. Spam and off-topic posts will be removed immediately from the site. You can also use these email addresses to post a photo to the website; simply attach a photo to your email, then put the title in the subject line and a description and photo credit in the message body. Please only send your own photos; do not send copyrighted material or other people's photos without their express permission. If you would like others to be able to use your photo, please feel free to make a note of it in the body of your email message. If you're interested in discussing the site, including the development of lesson plans and other tools related to it, I've set up a yahoo group as well. To subscribe, please send an email to the-gates-subscribe /at/ yahoogroups.com and you'll be added to the list. thanks, Andy Carvin

Blogging Davos

  23 January 2005

The World Economic Forum now has a blog. Let the WEF know what you think of it by engaging it in the blogosphere. I'll be one of several Davos bloggers, plus some other blogger/journalist hybrids like me, some people from the tech community, and at least one celebrity (stay tuned...

Jeff Ooi, Ferryman extraordinaire

  17 January 2005

Jeff Ooi announced today his new Chinese-language blog, 摆渡人 (in English: “The Ferryman”), quite possibly the first Chinese language blog in Malaysia. Jeff is launching this project explicitly to build bridges with the Chinese language blogosphere – he explains in his post that the blog is a result of the...

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