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Egypt: Monem will be freed and Amr Gharbeia interrogated

Blogger Abdel-Monem Mahmoud appeared today before the Public Prosecutor who ordered to release him after 45 days in custody. “Monem and his group are expected to be release on Saturday after completing paperwork.” said his lawyer. Hossam el-Hamalawy reported that the Egyptian blogger Amr Gharbeia has been interrogated today on...

Colombia: Global Voices Author Featured on Blogging TV Show

  28 May 2007

Juliana Rincon Parra, one of Global Voices authors, was recently featured on a Medellin television program called BloggersTV to talk about her work with that city's blogosphere and her blog Medea Material [ES]. However, things didn't go as originally as expected. Instead of talking about the recent blogger meet-up, she...

Peru: The War Between Gisela and Magaly

  23 May 2007

Peruvian television has a colorful cast of characters. Among them are Gisela Valcárcel, the former "queen of daytime television" and wife of a top executive at one of Peru's main television stations, and Magaly Medina, who has a popular celebrity gossip program on a competing channel. They also both publish gossip magazines about Peruvian celebrities. The two women have a long-standing feud and have clashed over the years and Peruvian bloggers analyze this battle.

Japan: Thoughts on the (English-language) Blog Scene

  23 May 2007

Ken Worsley at Trans-Pacific Radio has an op-ed piece on discussions in the (English-language) Blog Scene in Japan over the past couple weeks, focusing on foreign media (mis-)coverage of government plans for constitutional revision.

Monem: first blog-post from prison

The Egyptian blogger Abdel-Monem Mahmoud managed to smuggle his first blog-post from his prison cell in Torah Mahkoum where he is being detained for a renewable term of fifteen days: “Despite all what happened from prison, torture, corruption and poverty; I am still in love with you Egypt. I might...

Fiji: Blogs are a threat to national security

  16 May 2007

On May 14th, Intelligentsiya reported that the army's Land Force Commander has a list of about 20 people who will be arrested in connection with anti-military blogs. It has also been reported that the Fiji Military Forces (FMF) have pressured FINTEL, Fiji's only ISP, to block blogspot.com blogging platform, nearly...

Hong Kong: PLA berth at City Center

  14 May 2007

I have written up a citizen report on the PLA berth plan at the new central harbour front at interlocals.net: It is not that we are opposed to the PLA berth, but the symbolism of having PLA berth at Central waterfront is very bad. Central as a political and financial...

Fiji: Blogging Suspect Detained.

  13 May 2007

Pacific Empire comments on the arrest and detention of a Fijian businessman by the Fijian army. The army suspects that the businessman was writing anti-government posts. Fijian army took over the power last December in a coup. “Some had high hopes for this coup. But truth was the first casualty,...

Bangladesh: release journalist blogger Tasneem Khalil

  11 May 2007

Bangladeshi blogger and journalist Tasneem Khalil has been arrested by the joint forces tonight. One of his colleagues (also a renowned blogger) broke the news requesting anonymity. They are afraid to speak out. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

Egypt: open war on bloggers

“The war on bloggers started in Egypt and every morning brings a new episode” wrote Nora Younis on her blog today. Nora linked to a SMS/Twitter alert sent to her by blogger Amr Gharbeia: “I was summoned by the prosecutor general to appear on Thursday next in North Cairo interrogator...

China: Zola's blogger path

  7 May 2007

The Chongqin Nailhouse blogger report has impacted Zola's life completely. Many people find a way to reach he and invite him to do citizen report online. Now he decides to be a full time blogger for witnessing the society. His next stop would be Zhoushan.

Vietnam: Blog Anniversary

  6 May 2007

Duong Lam Anh, author of one of the few Vietnamese blogs in English, reflects on one year of blog writing. “Where will this blog lead me to? I have no idea. But the question itself excites me. It is like you are on a new road and never know where...

RSF: petition to free Kareem and Monem

Reporters Without Borders has launched today a petition calling the Egyptian regime to free the tow Egyptian bloggers Kareem Amer and Abdel-Monem Mahmoud. RSF is urging Internet-users to sign this petition and block Egypt from hosting the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in 2008 (conference organized under the UN mantle) unless...

Hong Kong: Blog Hijacked

  4 May 2007

A new blog http://rhetorical.blogspot.com has stolen part of the content (posts and pictures) from a closed blog http://rhetoricalpain.blogspot.com/. The author of the original rhetoricalpain, TWS, has filed a complaint to blogger.com and asked Jacky to spread the news [zh].

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