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Getting to Know Global Voices’ Latin America Team

  25 April 2007

Some of the very best weblogs from around Latin America hardly ever receive mention on Global Voices. That's because their authors are also contributors here and spend most of their time drawing your attention to others' posts. Well, it's long past time to highlight their personal creativity and boundless enthusiasm for new media in Latin America.

Nepal: Bloggers Form Association

  23 April 2007

Twenty-four bloggers from capital Kathmandu gathered on Saturday April 21 to discuss the formation of Bloggers Association of Nepal (BLOGAN) for the promotion and protection of blogs and blogging in the tiny Himalayan country where blogs are yet to be recognized by the population.

Interview with the Blogger, adam_kesher

  22 April 2007

Adil Nurmakov is a 28-year old political scientist and a journalist from Almaty, who started as a blogger in 2004. He writes his own Livejournal adam_kesher (ru) and is a regular author on neweurasia. Recently, Adil wrote an open letter to the mayor of Almaty about the situation with the...

Cambodia: Bloggers Mekong Cruise

  21 April 2007

Kalyan Keo has pictures from a bloggers cruise on Mekong river. The numbers of young bloggers in Cambodia who blog in English is increasing and you can meet some of them (including Global Voices Cambodia contributor Tharum Bun) in this post.

Fiji: Blogger's Meet

  18 April 2007

The blogger at Digital Fiji invites bloggers living in Fijian capital Suva to a bloggers meetup and discusses the state of Fijian blogosphere. “It would not be going too far to call 2007 The Year of the Blog in Fiji. Although, it may be more accurate to call it The...

Taiwan: DIY media activist workshop

  18 April 2007

Inertia from Heterotopias announced the DIY media activist workshop to be help in Taipei end of April [zh]. Details can be found here (en and zh Bilingual site): “There will be several experienced media activists attend this workshop from Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea, including the non-profit art-technology organization and...

Japan: Number 1 Language of Bloggers Worldwide

  16 April 2007

It will likely come as quite a surprise to the English-speaking world that the number one language of bloggers worldwide, in terms of number of posts, is not the “language of international communication”, as English is typically regarded. Nor, before the Chinese chime in, is it the language of the...

Interview with Kazis Toguzbayev, Journalist/Blogger from Kazakhstan

  15 April 2007

Kazis Toguzbayev is a Kazakhstani journalist/blogger, who was sued for insulting the honor and the dignity of the president in January 2007 when he uploaded two articles on a group blog KUB.kz. Kazis is 59, married and has grandchildren. He is a colonel of the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan in reserve and a pensioner for 10 years now. We spoke about the lessons that he learned after the trial and about the citizen journalism in Kazakhstan.

Malaysia: Pictures from Blogger's Meet

  12 April 2007

Borneo Blues posts pictures from the inaugural National Alliance of Bloggers Meet. Malaysian Bloggers are coming together in response to statements made by politicians against them.

Malaysia: Political Party hires Blogger for Publicity Work

  12 April 2007

Rocky's Bru says that PAS, a party ruling the Malaysian state of Kelantan has hired “Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz, the owner of the politically-potent Kickdefella blog to work for the state government as a Corp Comm Officer“. What is interesting about this news is that Syed Azidi Syed Abdul...

Malaysia: Blogger's United Gathering

  7 April 2007

Mavericksym posts a link to an invitation for all Malaysian bloggers to attend the Bloggers United Malaysia Gathering. The blogger is asking the organizers of the meet to invite several politicians who are critical of bloggers and blogging. “Will the B.U.M. committee invite Shahziman and Pak Zam? Howsy should sent...

The adventures of Phatry Derek Pan in Cambodia

  6 April 2007

Now settling in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh, without close relatives to accompany him, where unlike his Seattle home there is no local McDonald’s, Phatry Derek Pan adapts to a new pace of life. Slim and charming Phatry speaks fluent English and holds an American passport. Wearing a T-shirt and...

Malaysia: Blogger's Alliance

  6 April 2007

A Whole New World writes that several bloggers in Malaysia came together to discuss the formation of an alliance. The bloggers are facing increasing criticism from the mainstream media and some politicians.

Philippines: Blog Award Winners

  6 April 2007

Mukamo Philippines lists the winners of recently concluded 2007 Philippine Blog Award winners. The awards included categories such as Best Home and Living Blog, Best Socio-Political Blog, Best Podcast, Best Travelblog and Family blog among others.

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