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Cambodian Blogger on Blogging

  30 July 2007

GV's Cambodian author Tharum Bun interviews Borin Ly, an Internet enthusiast and an avid blogger. Borin talks about his blogging experience and his motivations for creating the blog. Cambodia has a very active blogging scene, with more and more young people going online. People who have just started blogging might find Borin's blogging tips handy.

Blog of a Tunisian journalist and blogger hacked

The blog of the Tunisian journalist and blogger Slim Boukhdhir has been hacked and deleted. The work seems to be done by the same group of hackers who are targeting Tunisian opposition websites and blogs. Last weeks, the website of the Progressive Democratic Party (a legal opposition political party) has...

Malaysia: Blogger Detained by Police

  13 July 2007

Malaysian bloggers are reporting that fellow blogger Nathaniel Tan was detained by the police earlier today. Malaysian bloggers including Nathanial's younger sister are monitoring the situation and trying to gather support for the blogger's release.

Oman Community Blog Update

“The Oman Community Blog has been unleashed to the public as a ‘beta’ stage. You now have the opportunity to see what the blog looks like and what it aims to be and make any possible suggestions as a reader or perhaps still have that last chance for yourself to...

China and Hong Kong: Cross border citizen reporting

  2 July 2007

Zola has come to Hong Kong to report on the 10th anniversary of reunification under the interlocals.net's international citizen reporter fellowship project. His first day report is about inmediahk.net and second day about the rallies on July 1 (zh).

Intimidation and threats to Blogger Wael Abbas.

Blogger Ahmad Sherif has posted an English translation of Egyptian police intimidation targeting Egyptian blogger Wael Abbas and threatening him to stop publishing articles and videos criticizing President Mubarak and his son Gamal. “These are certainly not the ways of a nation sitting at the United Nation’s Council for Human...

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