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Global Voices in Moscow

  28 March 2007

On March 21, Moscow hosted its First International Conference on Blogs, Media and Citizen Journalism. I was happy to represent both Global Voices and neweurasia at the meeting. The conference was organized by the Centre for Internet Policy of Moscow State University for International Relations (MGIMO), Realno.info, a web site...

Cambodia: Cloggers get Press

  26 March 2007

Cloggers – a self coined name by Cambodian bloggers themselves are happy that the mainstream media has an article on them. Dee Deehas more.

The Oldest Blogger in the Balkans

  25 March 2007

In the evening, Radmilo Ristic, a 74-year-old retired high school professor, likes to attend theater plays, gallery openings, literary nights, round-table discussions and other similar events that take place around Kragujevac, the city in Central Serbia. When Ristic comes back home, instead of the traditional paper and pen, his computer...

Part Two: Inside the school of the Egyptian blogosphere

Source: original image from Baheyya (photoshopped), text in Arabic from Misr Digital (Read Part One of this article here) In order to better understand this highly organized Egyptian blogosphere and how bloggers perceive their role in this new, turbulent phase in their country's history, on March 15, 2007, I talked...

Part One: Inside the school of the Egyptian blogosphere

Source: original image from Baheyya (photoshopped), text in Arabic from Misr Digital It is being made clear almost daily that the dynamism of the Egyptian bloggers isn’t just online; the country's activist bloggers are also highly engaged on the street as well. They've been playing an active part in the...

More Egyptian Bloggers Arrestedُُُ

Egyptian blogger MaLeK (aka MaLcoLM X) has been kidnapped today as he was in his way to attend a sit-in in front of the People's Assembly in Cairo. According to blogger Amr Gharbeia, Malek has asked a Ghad party activist to report the arrest to Hisham Mubarak Law Center. It...

Pakistan: block on Blogger has been lifted! Until…?

  14 March 2007

According to Dr Awab Alvi, co-founder of the Pakistani “Don’t Block The Blog” campaign, the block imposed on blogs hosted on Blogger has been lifted for about a week. The Don't Block The Blog campaign was launched in response to the blanket ban on the Blogspot.com blogging platform instituted by...

Malaysia: Introducing Women Bloggers

  8 March 2007

Susan Loone introduces some of the interesting Malaysian women bloggers she has come across. “It’s a man world they say. And that was how I felt when I started blogging. Most of the events by bloggers were headed by men, most of the commentators were men. I knew there were...

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