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Arabisc: Arabic Bloggers Ken

From Egypt… Malek who was scheduled to be free few days ago is now officially free. He just made his first post, titled: Free Morning. Malek writes: الحمدلله تم الافراج عني اليوم في حوالي الساعه الرابعه والنصف من قسم ترحيلات الخليفه لحد دلؤتي مقريتش حاجه اتكتبت عني بس بجد شكرا...

Ethiopia: Building firewalls

  26 May 2006

Satisfy My Soul comments on the alleged blocking of blogspot by the Ethiopian government…”In any case, now that it’s official that bloggers (and now chatters) have been added to EPRDF’s long list of “enemies of the constitution”, what’s to stop them from rounding us up (of course, those of us...

Arabisc: Update on Detained Egyptian Bloggers

The following is an abbreviated translation from some of the Egyptian Arabic-language blogsphere. It's been more than two weeks since the detention of Alaa along with many other bloggers and activists. Today we came to know about some good news related to some other detained Egyptian bloggers. Two bloggers were...

Haiti: New Blog CollectifHaitideProvence

  23 May 2006

CollectifHaitideProvence [Haitian Collective of Provence, France] is the name of a new French and Creole language blog launched by a Haitian organization of the same name made up of nine organizations that seem to be based in either France, Haiti or both. Their first entry posted yesterday explains (Fr &...

Ethiopia: Disappearing blogs

  22 May 2006

Ethiopia's blogosphere was awash with speculation and accusations today after all websites hosted by the popular Blogger platform disappeared from the country's computer screens. Twenty-three of the 32 Ethiopian blogs tracked by Global Voices could not be accessed by Ethiopian internet users – who all rely on the state monopoly...

Ethiopia: Blogspot blocked

  19 May 2006

Ethiopian Life reports that the Government has blocked all blogspot blogs….”Over the last two days, all blogspots blogs including http://www.seminawork.blogspot.com/ have been blocked in Ethiopia.”

Indonesia: Economics Blogger

  16 May 2006

Indonesian blogger A. Fatih Syuhud profiles another Indonesian blogger Martin Manurung. “We need many more bloggers like him who has concern on Indonesia's development in socio-cultural as well as in political-economy to blog in English and blog actively”

Egypt: Alaa blogging from his Prison

Alaa wrote the post by hand, and his friends got it out and posted it for him, so yeah. He seems in high spirits, and they seem to have left him unharmed so far, so that's good to hear. That means the campaign has been successful so far, Sandmonkey said.

Egypt: Blogging Behind Bars

On May 10, Alaa Ahmed Seif al-Islam, the award-winning blogger detained three days earlier for participating in peaceful protests in Cairo, became one of the first people to blog from prison. “Today it hit me,” Alaa began his post, “I am really in prison. I'm not sure how I feel…The...

Image from Mauritius: Happy Bride

  10 May 2006

Annoella and Sebastien on their wedding day. By Sebastien Merion. Annoella and Sebastien met in New Caledonia. Annoella is from Mauritius and Sebastien is from metropolitan France and has been living in and blogging about New Caledonia at 5 minutes en Nouvelle Caledonie. Says (Fr) the blogger of his 150-guest...

Martinique: Friend of Yesterday, Lesbian of Today

  10 May 2006

The about section of Le Blog de [Moi] (FR) reads: “Friend of yesterday … Lesbian of today. To live one's homosexuality in Martinique on the day to day is possible. The proof: [Me].” Recent posts include a critique of French feminist group 143 Rebels and a lukewarm review of a...

Kifaya Under Arrest

There's a gentle spring breeze blowing in Brooklyn, and the sounds of kids playing basketball are coming in through the window from the schoolyard next door. It's early evening, at the end of a sunny weekend. Across the street, neighbors are singing intentionally off-key to an earnest version of “Wimoweh.”...

Haiti: New Haiti-Based Haitian Blog

  8 May 2006

Parlons Peu uses the blog medium to publish (FR) his father Marcel Salnave's journalistic works from the 40s and 50s. Recent posts include a raving review of Haitian musical prodigy Ernst Lamy written in 1940 and reflections on the Haitian National Bank written in 1946.

Singapore: Blogs and Election results

  8 May 2006

The blogger at e pur si muove posts a marks card of blogs that where trying to predict the election results. Singapore's general election on Saturday brought back the ruling People's Action Party into power.

  5 May 2006

Kenyan Villager writes on discovering computers and technology in the 90s and his recent venture with blogging…”One latter-day event was the dicovery of the blogging world in late 2005 and that's why you are reading this post….. One of these days I will try to upload a photograph. A safari...

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