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Japan: Alpha Blogger Awards 2008 (Part 1)

  25 February 2009

On the 20th of February, the 2008 Alpha Blogger Awards were held in Tokyo. Sponsored by Pringles Chips, the event this year was attended by close to 80 people (including the team of GV Japan), awarding prizes to the twelve posts from the Japanese blogosphere in 2008 that received the most votes on the ABA site.

India: WordCamp

  20 February 2009

Delhi Bloggers Bloc is organizing the first WordCamp in India from 21st – 23rd February, 2009. Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress will be present there. You can follow the live twitter feeds of WordCamp India.

Victorian Bushfires stir compassion and conflict

  19 February 2009

The grim toll of the Victorian bushfires now has 201 confirmed deaths, including a volunteer firefighter, and 1834 homes destroyed. There have been moving, controversial, bizarre and even innovative responses in the blogosphere to the tragedy.

Blogging Gives Kenyan Poetry Larger Meaning And Exposure

  17 February 2009

Njeri Wangare is a Kenyan poet and blogger based in Nairobi, Kenya. I recently interviewed her at Nairobi Java House in downtown Nairobi and later continued the interview via email. In this interview, Njeri discusses how she has been using her blog, Kenya Poet, to promote artists and art scene in Kenya. Through her blog, she says, she has given Kenyan poetry a larger meaning and exposure.

Cuba: Interview with Blogger Reinaldo Escobar

  16 February 2009

Cuban blogger Reinaldo Escobar is one of the few bloggers that has worked professionally as a journalist with official Cuban media. Now he is an independent journalist and runs the portal Desde Cuba, which is also where his blog Desde Aquí is hosted. He is also very active in the Cuban blogosphere and is part of the team that will launch the project Cuban Voices. In this interview, Claudia Cadelo asks about his start with blogging and his thoughts on a blogosphere that is often polarized.

China: Prominent Blogger Stabbed

  14 February 2009

Prominent blogger and novelist, Xu Lai at ProState in Flame was stabbed twice in a book store, One Way Street, at Beijing when he finished a public talk. Zola and doubleaf keep updating the news in their twitters. Can also read GVA for details.

Bangladesh: Books By Bloggers

  13 February 2009

The history of Bangla blogging is relatively short. It was December 2005 when the first Bangla blogging platform was born. But soon more platforms came up and open source development in Bangla input systems eased Bangla computing across the globe and brought more people in blogging. The most encouraging aspect...

Korea: Golden Blog Award

  12 February 2009

Readers can see the best blog story, best blog, funniest blog, happiest blog, angriest blog, culture blog, food blog, etc. from Korea English blogosphere at the Hub of Sparkle.

Ecuador: An Interview with Winner of Best Latin American Blog

  9 February 2009

Even though he was unable to travel to Spain to receive the prize for “Best Latin American Blog” in the contest sponsored by 20 Minutos, Carlos Suasnavas is humbled by the recognition and dedicates it to his readers. In this interview, he talks about his blog, which he co-writes with Evan from Argentina, is called Sentando Frente Al Mundo (Sitting in Front of the World) about why he believes he may have more readers outside of Ecuador.

Africa: BetumiBlog Top 100

  6 February 2009

Franks is excited about her blog being one of the top 100 blogs for learning about Africa. Betumi is a blog about African food: I received word today that BETUMIblog has been listed as one of the 100 Best Blogs for Learning About Africa. It's thrilling to be included in...

Top Ranked Blogs in Africa

  5 February 2009

If you are following African blogs, you might be interested to know the top ranked blogs in the African blogosphere. Through Afrigator’s ranking system we are able to know the top ranked blogs in Africa as well as the most read blogs. Afrigator, which is an African blog aggregator, also has a list of top 45 African female bloggers.

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