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Jorge Gobbi: Travel Blogs and Experiences From the Road

  30 March 2008

The grand city of Buenos Aires, Argentina is a favorite destination for many tourists. It is also the home of Global Voices' author for Argentina, Jorge Gobbi, who has been able to combine his love for traveling with blogging about the subject, both personally and professionally. In continuation of the series of Global Voices Online author profiles, Jorge also describes some of his favorite, as well as most unusual experiences while on the road.

Blogger of the Week: Abdulrahman Warsame

Today's Blogger of the Week series features yet another global voice - Abdulrahman Warsame, who amplifies the reactions of Somali bloggers on Global Voices Online. A Somali born in Saudi Arabia, educated in Egypt and Australia, and currently working for Al Jazeera in Doha, Qatar, as a Senior Analyst in New Media, Warsame shares his thoughts on blogging in his country and the rest of the Arab world.

Tanzania: Taking a break from blogging

  10 March 2008

Why is Pernille taking a break from blogging?: “I don't believe that this kind of group pressure should shut someone up, but I also feel I have no choice. However, in the mean time – until I figure out if/when I will return to blogging with a public identity –...

Lova Rakotomalala: Putting Madagascar on the map

  2 March 2008

Coming from Madagascar, a country that doesn't make the world's headlines often and sometimes doesn't even make it to the African map, Lova Rakotomalala has played an extremely important role in making this unique island better known and heard through blogging and his reports for Global Voices Online.

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