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Arabeyes: Meet Maryanne Stroud Gabbani

  28 September 2007

Egypt-based blogger Maryanne Stroud Gabbani started blogging in 2003 at the age of 54, after becoming frustrated with trying to answer people individually regarding how it was that she was so happy living in a place that the news said was so opposed to "western women". She figured that hopefully a blog would reach more people and give Egypt a human face and has never looked back since.

Cambodia: Blogging from Siem Reap

  21 September 2007

Cambodian blogger and Global Voices Author Tharum Bun talks to fellow blogger Vireak from Seam Reap. Tharum asks Vireak about his motivations for starting and maintaining his blog. Vireak shares his unique ideas on the blogging scene in Cambodia.

Hong Kong: Blogger Gathering

  20 September 2007

Ibrahim El-Mouelhy from Outblaze blogs about the web and blogger gathering in September 18: over 80 people signed up at the wiki event page and around 70 showed up. For nearly three hours industry people and enthusiasts mingled, drank, ate, and made merry.

Bolivia: The Importance of a Gathering

  19 September 2007

Bloggers from across Bolivia met one another for the first time, on September 1, when the first gathering of "Bloguivianos" took place in the city of Santa Cruz. Bolivia is said to be a country deeply divided among geographic, class and racial lines. The emergence of blogs in Bolivia have proven to provide a new stage for mutual communication.

Colombia: Medeatón For Pop!Tech 2007

  19 September 2007

Global Voices author Juliana Rincón aka Medea was recently invited to the Pop!Tech conference next month. However, the scholarship did not cover much of the travel expenses to Maine. As a result, the Medellin blogging community has organized a Medeatón to help raise funds to send her to Maine in...

Bahrain: Meet more bloggers!

  4 September 2007

On 1st September Bahraini bloggers held their monthly get-together, but this time with a new time and day, and a change of venue. There were nine people present, some of whom were introduced in the report of the last meeting. Global Voices Online was there and Ayesha Saldanha introduces us to more bloggers this week.

Egyptian blogger Monem threatened again

  2 September 2007

Egyptian blogger and journalist Abdel Monem Mahmoud, who has been released in June 2007 after 46 days imprisonment in Southern Cairo Torah prison, is “facing detention threats [again]. Both as part of the State’s clensing of political activists from the Egyptian scene and also for reporting on torture,” Nora Younis...

Bolivia: Gathering of Bloguivianos

  1 September 2007

On September 1, Bolivian bloggers from across the country and some from abroad will gather in Santa Cruz for the first annual gathering of “Bloguivianos” This gathering will provide the opportunity for some that have only corresponded through blogs or email to meet in person, and participate in a variety of interactive discussions involving bloggers especially involved in those areas.

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