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Ethiopia: Hi-tec war against bloggers

  27 June 2006

Ethiopian Life comments on Ethiopia's crackdown against bloggers at home and in the Diaspora….”An office is being opened at the old airport area in Addis Ababa to conduct this warfare. Blocking and hacking opposition internet websites, sending spam and viruses, wire-tapping and telephone tapping, tracking money transfers are some of...

Indonesia Growing Good Blogs, Hatemails and Asia Blog Awards

  23 June 2006

Indonesia blogosphere this last two years has witnessed the growing and heartening development of good blogging and quality bloggers to cheer about. This, for most reason, due to the emergence of some Indonesian intellectuals, writers and journalists who start showing their interests to blog. I have some of good bloggers...

From the Kingdom of Cambodia to the United States of America

  18 June 2006

In July, Somongkol Teng will leave Cambodia for the United States to pursue a master's degree in Higher Education Administration. Under the US State Department's Fulbright grant Somongkol plans to earn his graduate degree from Boston College of Massachusetts. Formerly an undergraduate of Royal University of Phnom Penh, he later...

Indonesia: World Cup Fever & Minister Blog

  16 June 2006

Despite Indonesia never reaches final round of Football/Soccer World Cup post-1945 of its independence, soccer has always been the most favorite sports ever in the country. So, no wonder then if majority of Indonesian bloggers give one or two postings dedicated to the biggest event on earth now being held...

Interview with Leo Prieto

  15 June 2006

(he doesen't surf the internet, he dives into it!) Leo Prieto has blogger activism in his DNA. He has lived in countries like Thailand and Holland, and now resides in Chile. He has personally taught more than 2,000 people in Chile to better understand “Web 2.0” and use blogs. He...

Zimbabwe: Blogs under threat

  8 June 2006

Zimbabwean Pundit writing on Enough is Enough points to a series of links covering all the Zimbabwean blogs – blogs that would come under threat if the proposed IC Bill goes through

Botswana: Podcast

  7 June 2006

Blogswana publishes its first podcast “The Blogs Must Be Crazy” which gives a background to the project on blogging for AIDS in Botswana

Uganda: New Blogs

  7 June 2006

A whole new set of blogs out of Uganda published under the “Life in Africa” – The African blogosphere is bursting at the seams right now. Countries like Uganda previously silent are now joining the Kenyans, Ethiopians, Nigerians and South Africans.

Egypt: Alaa got a 3rd 15 days

Egyptian State Security renewed Alaa’s detention for another 15 days today (he already spent 30 days in prison) . His wife Manal visited him today and reports that he took the news stoically and is trying to remain strong. Renewing them another 15 days could go on forever.

Egypt: From Alaa to Bloggers

Alaa, in his new letter from his cell says that he thought he will be happy to meet the rest of the detained activists, but ended up in disappointment and frustration from the conditions inside the prison (Arabic).

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