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Ethiopia: Blogging media

  26 April 2006

Ethiopian blogConcoction points to an op/ed in the Economist that claims that news media are “already feeling the heat” from the blogosphere as blogs are changing the media.

Haitian Blogger Yon Ayisyen: “I'm No Revolutionary Hero”

  24 April 2006

Yon Ayisien (whose name means “A Haitian”) blogs at Ayisyen Sa Nap Regle? (“What's Up Haitians? ” in Creole) and might as well be renamed HaitiPundit. He is the only Haiti-based Haitian blogger who blogs about politics and his blogging wit and vision is surprising for a 25 year-old. Though...

Kenya: Blog awards

  24 April 2006

Kenyan Unlimited Kaybee Awards 2006 are now out. A list of winners and nominees can be found on their website. Congratulations to all this years winners.

African women this week.

  23 April 2006

Congratulations to Kenyan women bloggers who have won Kenya Unlimited Kaybee awards 2006. Mshairi for best poetry blog; Gussaurus for best new blog and most interactive blog; Mama's Junkyard for best design; Au Lait for blogger one would most like to meet; and Kenyan Pundit for best political blog. Nigerian...

First Latin-American Blog Contest

  20 April 2006

Atina Chile(ES), a social action movement that promotes blogging in Chile, organize the blog contest “Atina Blog Awards”(ES). Anyone could inscribe, the only barrier was that they be written in Spanish. The categories include, Politics, Science and Technology, Design, Journalism, Arst and Culture, personal and Group Blog and special mention....

Botswana: Nata Village blog

  20 April 2006

The Nata Village is an NGO blog on Nata, a village in Botswana where 37% of the population are HIV+. “This website is dedicated to the people of Nata who despite enormous losses and challenges still have the courage and determination to fight the ravages of this pandemic.” There are...

Voices of African women – this week

  18 April 2006

Fleur writes about the harrowing case of 7 soldiers sentenced to life for rape and crime against humanity for the rape of 119 underage girls in Congo. The government of Congo has also admitted partial responsibility and financially compensated the family of the victims. Fleur says ….it sends an important...

Ethiopia: Growing blogosphere

  18 April 2006

ET Weichegud!ET Politics comments on the “the mushrooming ETblogverse.” and theorizes why more Ethiopians in Ethiopia are entering the blogosphere and provides an excellent review of the blogs.

DRC: Building the Demosphere

  17 April 2006

Blogger Tony Katombe from Le Blog du Congolais invites (FR) readers to sign up for the Demosphere, ” a network of sites, blogs and emails of activists and militants involved with the struggle for democracy in countries under dictatorship.” Last week, Katombe and the Demosphere were the subject of a...

Zimbabwe: New blog

  17 April 2006

Enough is Enough is a new group blog from Zimbabwe. Writers include Zimpundit and the site is designed to enable you ” to find a wealth of information in different multimedia formats from a variety of vantage points including other Zimbloggers, observers, and Zimbabweans abroad. In Curt's words, “Enough is...

Petition Hu Jintao for Global Voices editor Hao Wu's release

  14 April 2006

Many Global Voices readers have asked what they can do to hasten our friend and colleage Hao Wu's release from detention in Beijing. Hundreds of you have put badges on your blogs and webpages to call attention to Hao Wu's detention, and this support has helped generate media interest in...

Kenya: Rudeness in the Blogosphere

  12 April 2006

Diary of a Mad Kenyan Woman comments on rudeness in the blogosphere. In particularl she picks out those who conduct their rudeness annoymously or by using pseudonyms’.. …..”I am thinking of various debates I have been reading in our blog world, and of those who find it necessary especially when...

Nigeria: Blogging ideas for new bloggers

  6 April 2006

Ethnic Loft writes there is more to blogging than politics and technology and suggests that “upcoming pundits would delve into, and shed more light on, some of these undercovered topics and others” such as food, music, health and sport.

Nigeria: Voice blogging

  5 April 2006

Oro blogs on voice blogging…”You can now listen to all my blog posts — by simply clicking the link that says Listen to this podcast (computer-generated voice).”

The African women’s blogsphere this week

  3 April 2006

Virtual cartwheels are perhaps our only last recourse as apparently African women are (still) invisible. Black Looks writes about an recent article in the Guardian where the founder of the Carnival of Feminists cannot find our blogs. In a post entitled Aint I a Woman???, Black Looks says: That's odd...

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