Libya Revolution 2011

Protests outside Libyan Embassy, London. Image by Mario Mitsis, copyright Demotix (17/02/2011).

Protests outside Libyan Embassy, London. Image by Mario Mitsis, copyright Demotix (17/02/2011).

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Since the night of February 16, 2011 (#Feb17) Libyans have been protesting one of the world’s most intractable governments: that of Muammar Al Gaddafi. Colonel Gadaffi came to power in a 1969 coup d’etat and attempted to spread his brand of revolution, the Third Universal Theory, throughout the Middle East and Africa. While his star rose and fell on the international stage, the 6.4 million people of Libya suffered from a dearth of civil society institutions, lack of human rights, endemic corruption and a repressive police force.

Will Libya become the next North African government to fall? In January, Gaddafi mourned the loss of Tunisia’s Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and later criticized Egyptians who were protesting long-serving president Honsi Mubarek. He then threatened he would react even harsher to his own domestic critics. This is a promise he appears to be keeping.

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12 Sep – Libya: Sorry Chris, Benghazi Couldn't Protect You
12 Sep – Arab World: Outrage Over Killing of US Ambassador in Benghazi
08 Aug – Libya: Fireworks Mark Tripoli's First Liberation Anniversary
10 Jan – Libya: Draft Electoral Law Criticized
10 Jan – Libya: A Letter from a Woman in Benghazi
09 Jan – Libya 2011: A Seminal Year Through Citizen Media

November 2011

26 Nov – Mali, Niger: Tuareg Voices Barely Heard Over the Sounds of War
02 Nov – Gaddafi's Lost Arsenal, a Threat to the Sahel Region

October 2011

21 Oct – South Asia: Reactions on the New Beginning of Libya
20 Oct – Iran: Be Scared, Dictator – Gaddafi is Dead
20 Oct – Libya: The Truth About Gaddafi's Death
20 Oct – Libya: Celebrations as Gaddafi Confirmed Dead
20 Oct – Libya: Unconfirmed News of Gaddafi's Capture

September 2011

03 Sep – Libya: First Football Win as a Free Nation

August 2011

30 Aug – China: Who Could Have Known The Libyans Hate Gaddafi?
30 Aug – Russia: Bloggers React to the Storming of Tripoli
27 Aug – Libya: The Liberation of Tripoli
25 Aug – Iran: “Islamic Awakening” or NATO Victory in Libya?
22 Aug – Iran: “Tonight, the Islamic Regime's Generals will Have Nightmares”
21 Aug – Arab World: “Assad, You are Next After Gaddafi!”
21 Aug – Libya: Remembering Mohammed Nabbous
21 Aug – Libya: Libya State TV Broadcast Disrupted
21 Aug – Libya: Game Over Gaddafi
21 Aug – Libya: Bloggers Between Dictatorship and War
21 Aug – Libya: Gaddafi's Right Hand Abdessalem Jalloud Flees to Italy
18 Aug – Libya: Anxiety and Hope as Revolutionaries Edge their Way to Tripoli
09 Aug – Libya: Humanitarian Conditions Continue to Deteriorate this Ramadan

June 2011

28 Jun – Libya: Photographs from Rich, Vibrant and Historic Times

May 2011

03 May – Arab World: “2011 is a Year That Will Be Marked in History”

April 2011

22 Apr – Libya: Remembering Photojournalists Hetherington and Hondros
11 Apr – Russia: Bloggers Debate Military Operation in Libya

March 2011

30 Mar – Serbia: Gaddafi's Cyber Army Oppose Rebels and NATO
27 Mar – Libya: Citizen Reporting from the Battlefield
26 Mar – Libya: Where is Eman Al Obeidy?
26 Mar – Libya: Gaddafi's Crimes Mount in Misrata
25 Mar – Libya: Is Khamis Gaddafi Really Dead?
20 Mar – Libya: More Threats from Gaddafi as He Speaks Again
19 Mar – Libya: Gaddafi Threatens as Coalition Starts Air Strikes
19 Mar – Libya: Air Strikes on Libya Begin
19 Mar – Libya: Mourning Mohammed Nabbous
18 Mar – Libya: Gaddafi Calls For Ceasefire as No-Fly Zone Begins (Video)
17 Mar – Libya: All Eyes on Benghazi (Video)
13 Mar – Libya: Al Jazeera Cameraman Dies in Ambush
11 Mar – Libya: Sub-Saharan Africans in Serious Danger
10 Mar – Libya: Group Occupies London Mansion Owned by Gaddafi's Son
09 Mar – The Forgotten Palestinian Refugees of Libya
09 Mar – Libya: Gaddafi Forces Continue to Shell Zawiya
09 Mar – Arab World: How Much Does Internet Access Matter?
08 Mar – Libya: Debating the No-Fly Zone (Video)
08 Mar – Are Sub-Saharan Mercenaries Fighting for Gaddafi?
07 Mar – Libya: The Freedom Flag Flies Over Misurata (Videos)
06 Mar – Libya: That's Not Fighting, It's Fireworks and other #DesperateGaddafiLies
06 Mar – Libya: Zenga Zenga Meme Goes Viral
06 Mar – Libya: Videos Expose Gaddafi's Violent Riposte
06 Mar – Libya: Preparing for the Fight for Sirte (Video)
04 Mar – Libya: Death Toll Rises to 6,000, US Mulls Intervention
04 Mar – Libya: High Hopes for the Friday of Liberation
03 Mar – What Happens Now to Zambia Telecom Owned by Libya?
03 Mar – Serbia: Reactions to Gaddafi's Interview on Pink TV
02 Mar – Libya: “Breaking News: Gaddafi is Lying”
02 Mar – Tunisia: Refugee Crisis at the Libya Border
01 Mar – Libya: The African Mercenary Question (Videos)

February 2011

28 Feb – Libya: “The only thing we want is our freedom” (Audio)
27 Feb – Libya: Fear and Chaos at Tripoli Airport
26 Feb – Latin America: On teleSUR's Coverage of Libya Uprising
25 Feb – Libya: “They Were Shooting Us Randomly” (Videos)
25 Feb – Libya: Defiant Gaddafi: “People who don't love me don't deserve to live”
25 Feb – Libya: Refugees Leave as Humanitarian Aid and Journalists Trickle in
24 Feb – Libya: “The Point of No Return”
24 Feb - China: Chinese TV praised Gaddafi as thinker, revolutionist
24 Feb – Serbia: Reactions to the Story of Serbian Mercenaries in Libya
24 Feb – Libya: Obama Speaks, Tweeps Heckle
23 Feb – Libya: Feeling the Iron Fist in Tripoli (Videos)
23 Feb – Jordan: Demands for Response to Libya Answered
22 Feb – Libya's Gadaffi: Death to All for Everything
22 Feb – Libya: Why was Gaddafi Late?
22 Feb – UAE: Libyan Consulate in Dubai Occupied and Flags Removed
21 Feb – Libya: Qaradawi Issues Gaddafi Fatwa
21 Feb – Libya: Death Before Liberty (Videos)
21 Feb – Libya: Stop Gaddafi's Massacre
21 Feb – Voices from Libya: “It's a massacre” (Audio)
21 Feb - Libya: Amidst Spotty Internet, Some Send Missives
21 Feb – Libya: Gaddafi Junior's Speech Welcomed with Shoes and Slippers
21 Feb – Libya: “Tonight is the night. TONIGHT.”
20 Feb – Libya: Gaddafi Son's Excuses for the People's Uprising
20 Feb – Arab World: The Uprisings Continue
19 Feb – Libya: Benghazi Rises Against Gaddafi (Updated)
17 Feb – Libya: Gaddafi Cracks Down on Anti-Regime Protestors
16 Feb – Libya: Protests Against Gaddafi Start Ahead of Schedule
16 Feb – Libya: Protests Begin in Benghazi Ahead of February 17 Day of Wrath
01 Feb – Arab World: A Revolution Time-Table

January 2011

17 Jan – Libya: Gaddafi Wages War on the Internet as Trouble Brews at Home


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